On my YouTube Channel, I usually talk about the current affairs with their legal implications. The Reason, why we are still in an unsettled and a developing environment is because we are not aware about how our government works and what are our legal rights.

The way Law is taught in our country, only makes it more complicated. Yes in Law colleges (a majority of them, apart from NLU’s) they just teach you how to clear your exams but not how to apply law in real life situations. It is important that the Mass understands the Law and not only the class.

In order to tell the masses about their rights and liberties, I started with my own channel Aishwarya – Breaking Stereotype.

Till date I just randomly uploaded videos but now I will be coming up with my first video series Parenting and Law. Hereunder are a link to a few of the Videos on my channel:

  1. Body Shaming:– Body Shaming i.e. making fun of the physical attributes of a person is something that we have been always doing many a times unknowingly, many a times just for fun. Did you know that Body Shaming is also a Criminal Offence.Click Hereunder to watch the complete video: –
  2. Live in Relationship – Many bollywood celebrities had entered into Live in Relationship before committing to marriage. So what are the laws protecting Live in Relationships. Click Here to watch the complete Video:


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