Fundamental Privileges of Transgenders’

Interpretative editorial on Fundamental privileges of transgenders’ The central rights are an essential section of an individual's life which gives them rights to appreciate and prosper in their lives. Central rights i.e., rights that are critical to their being, likewise give legitimate response to an individual when these rights are abused by another person, be... Continue Reading →

Issues Faced by Transgenders in India

Issues Faced by Transgenders’ in India It is assessed that there are between 2-3 million transgender people living in India, with certain estimations much higher. Transgenders’ have been prohibited and criticized since the time of the British Raj. Before this, they assumed an unmistakable function in the Delhi Sultanate and Mughal imperial courts, specifically under... Continue Reading →

Absurd Notions About Homosexuality – Are We A Progressive Or Regressive Society

Homosexuality is one topic that we do not wish to talk about or discuss about. In a country, where still love marriages and arranged marriages are looked down upon, in a society, wherein you can get married only if you belong to the same caste, religion, locality, Economic background, sub-caste, skin color, race. Given the... Continue Reading →

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