Body Shaming – my experience

Body Shaming is something, that I have been facing since past many years. Well, the reason for body shaming has always been my height, weight, skin color if not anything else, way of dressing. Earlier, I did not know, the word body shaming and was not aware about it being an offence. We often feel, that... Continue Reading →

Dealing with blocked nose for your child, here are few tips and tricks

For any mother, the worst nightmare is when her child is unwell. Being a mother of a toddler, the worst that can happen to a child are common cold and cough. Though, we face it almost every month, sometimes, the cold prolongs for a month, the thought of which itself is scary. Whenever, my son... Continue Reading →

How to educate your child about Sex

The recent news of a 5 year old child raping another child of nearly same age, has shocked the world. Could this even be for real is the first question that arose in everyone's mind ? What exactly  must have transpired that teenage pregnancy and the amount  of illegal abortions are increasing in our country... Continue Reading →

Things you need to know before buying any product in India

India is a country, wherein Consumer is the King, but it remains, just as a statement as day in and day out a lot of consumers are openly fooled by the manufacturers. Many a times, due to their innocence, but most  of the times due to their ignorance. Here are a few things to remember... Continue Reading →

Absurd Notions About Homosexuality – Are We A Progressive Or Regressive Society

Homosexuality is one topic that we do not wish to talk about or discuss about. In a country, where still love marriages and arranged marriages are looked down upon, in a society, wherein you can get married only if you belong to the same caste, religion, locality, Economic background, sub-caste, skin color, race. Given the... Continue Reading →

Kate Middleton Breaks The Internet In Her Red Dress And High Heels

Congratulations to the Royal Couple on the birth of their baby. The British Royal Couple is one of the most loved and followed couple on the internet. Their every action is a topic of discussion. Sometimes I am in awe of the Duke and Duchess and sometimes I feel sad for them because nothing  in... Continue Reading →

Why Child Sex Abuse Is On Rise These Days

A single day does not go when you don't come across an article about Child Sex Abuse in the news, while we end up playing the blame game every time something as tragic as this happens. As a lawyer with a decent amount of experience in the field of law and judiciary, here are a... Continue Reading →

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