Generally when we talk about the property of a women, we don’t have much clarity but we all know about the property of a man (husband) and how it will be distributed if he dies. In this article, we will get to know that who has the right over a women’s property if she dies... Continue Reading →


Earth is our mother, it’s our duty to protect the diversity on it. Introduction The Biological Diversity Act, 2002 was coming out of India’s attempt to realise the objectives enshrined in the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) 1992 which recognising the sovereign rights of states to use their own Biological Resource. (A) Biodiversity... Continue Reading →

Negligence Still Continues – Study The Vizag Gas Leak in Visakhapatnam (2020) from Prospective of Bhopal Gas Tragedy and Oleum gas leak landmark Judgement

It’s Not Just about Vizag And Bhopal - It’s all about people life and environment. The Night of Bhopal gas Disaster and Years after That At the time, it was called the worst industrial accident in history. On December 3, 1984, approximately 45 ton of the damaging gas methyl isocyanate escaped from an insecticide plant... Continue Reading →

Case Analysis – M.C. Mehta v. Kamal Nath & Ors – Origin of Public Trust Doctrine in India

Understanding the Public Trust Doctrine The records of the doctrine is traced to the Roman emperor, Justinian. Emperor Justinian proclaims in Book 2 of his,He institutes: By the law of nature these things are common for mankind—the air, running water, the sea, and consequently the shores of the sea. No one, therefore, is forbidden to... Continue Reading →

Appeal to the highest court of land

An appeal is a process by which any person who has been a party to the case before the subordinate Court can challenge the judgement or an order passed by the subordinate court to the superior court. The individual submitting or persevering with an attraction is known as the appellant and the concerned Court is... Continue Reading →


INTRODUCTION In a recent judgment, a two-judge bench of the Supreme Court upheld the judgment of the Singapore International Arbitration Centre which had stayed the deal between Future Group and Reliance Industries Limited. In August 2020, Future Retail had announced a business deal with Reliance Retail to which Amazon objected stating that the deal would... Continue Reading →

Online Privacy

According to Black’s Law Dictionary “right to be let alone; the right of a person to be free from any unwarranted publicity; the right to live without any unwarranted interference by the public in matters with which the public is not necessarily concerned”  Privacy is a very important right that all the citizens of a... Continue Reading →


CIVIL APPELLATE JURISDICTION – SLP ( C ) NOs 33333-33335  COURT – THE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA   BENCH – J. Altamash Kabir, J. Cyriac Joseph   HELD ON – 16/12/2010  PARTIES INVOLVED – D. N Jeevaraju & Anr ( Petitioner)                                           D. Sudhakar & Ors (Respondent)  BRIEF FACTS OF THE CASE :  The Writ Petitioners, D. Sudhakar, Venkataramanappa, Gulihatti D. Shekar, Shivaraj S. Thangadgi and P.M. Narendra Swamy,(Respondent No.1-5 ), were all elected as independent Members in the General Elections held to the 13th Karnataka Legislative Assembly.  On 6th October,... Continue Reading →


In this research article, the researcher seeks to analyze Article 14 of Constitution of India, 1950. The right to equality has not been given a far effect if seen in reality. In fact, we can say that this right has not been recognized among the human history at a larger range. This right seems to... Continue Reading →


Before Section 377 of Indian penal code criminalize homosexuality, thus this refers to unnatural offence which states that anyone who voluntary had intercourse against the nature shall be punished with life imprisonment. But on 6th September 2018 Supreme Court of India was decriminalized Section 377, and this give boost to the LGBTQ community of India.... Continue Reading →


FACTS The University of Delhi (hereafter abbreviated as DU) offers multiple post graduate courses in the faculty of medicine, all of which put together makes 250 seats. There are three medical colleges in Delhi, two of them affiliated to, and one being maintained by DU, together they turnout annually 400 medical graduates, these graduates get... Continue Reading →


In certain countries, the Supreme Court, sometimes called a court of last resort or apex court, is the highest judicial entity within the legal system of that jurisdiction, whose decisions are not subject to further examination by another judge. Between jurisdictions, the designations for such courts may vary. Last recourse courts usually operate mainly as... Continue Reading →

child labour

The child labour is not a recent phenomenon and that too not confined to any particular state. The main thrust of the ILO conventions have been on:1) minimum age for employment of children and2) prohibition of night work for children. The Supreme Court in many cases has emphatically stated that the International Labour Organization (ILO)... Continue Reading →

Vodafone Case Analysis

Case name: Vodafone international holding v/s Union of India Citation: 2009(4) Bom CR 258 – Date of decision: 07th May 2018 – Bench: Hon’ble Justice Manmohan Statues involved: Code of civil procedure (amendment) Act, 2002 · Constitution of India (Article 31) – Constitution of India (Article 21) - · The Arbitration Act,1940 – Company Act,2013... Continue Reading →

Daughter In Law’s Right Of Residence Under Domestic Violence Act In House

The Hon’ble Supreme Court has in its Judgement in Satish Chander Ahuja Vs Sneha Ahuja Civil Appeal No. 2483/2020 has held that the rights of the woman in capacity of daughter-in-law for residence order in the property, exclusively owned by her father-in-law subject to the house being a shared household in which the daughter in... Continue Reading →

Doctrine of basic structure.

Introduction In accordance with the Constitution of India, the Parliament and the state legislatures in the nation have the powers to make laws within the scope of their specified jurisdictions. But this power, however, is not absolute in nature. The Constitution provides the judiciary with powers to adjudicate upon the constitutional validity of all the... Continue Reading →

Don’t Even Dare to Rag

Ragging is the term used for the so-called "initiation ritual" practiced in higher education institutions in South Asian countries, including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. The practise is similar to hazing in North America, bizutage in France, praxe in Portugal, and other similar practices in educational institutions across the world. Ragging involves abuse, humiliation,... Continue Reading →


Sedition in itself is a comprehensive term, and it embraces all those practices, whether by word, deed, or writing, which are calculated to disturb the tranquility of the State, and lead ignorant persons to endeavour to subvert the Government and laws of the country.   Section 124A of the Indian Penal Code lays down the punishment for sedition. A person convicted... Continue Reading →

Right to Privacy

Before we discuss the meaning of right to privacy, it’s very important to know the meaning of privacy alone. Privacy or right to privacy is the right to be let alone; the right of a person to be free from any unwarranted publicity; the right to live without any unwarranted interference by the public in... Continue Reading →

Indian Judiciary and Appointment Of Judges To Supreme Court And High Court

Indian judiciary is integrated, independent and pyramidal in structure. The pyramid is tapering at the top with the Supreme Court at the apex. Integrated meaning that the various subordinate courts and district courts, metropolitan courts, tribunals, and high courts are all connected and can’t deny to recognize the judgements/authority of Supreme Court. Independence of judiciary... Continue Reading →

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