Balancing Life – Sandeep Radhakrishnan

Candidate Number:- 2 Sandeep Radhakrishnan, 40, Human Resource Professional based out of Mumbai. What are your official working hours and How many hours do you work? The official working hours of the office are 8 Hours per day for 6 days a week. Sometimes, the actual working hours strech beyond the official working hours due... Continue Reading →

How to get hired – What your CV talks

A CV or a Resume is the first document that introduces you to the Company. A covering letter along with your CV, can make a good first impression or a bad impression on your recruiter. A majority of the employee make these common mistakes in their over excitement, which makes them non- eligible for the... Continue Reading →

Why Internship is a key to a good professional career.

The new National Education Policy in India has proposed Internship for students. This decision was received with a mixed reaction, while some people welcomed this decision open heartedly, some criticised it calling it a a new way to legalise child labour. One of the reasons of ever increasing unemployment in India, is because a lot... Continue Reading →

When is the right time to change your job?

We all love our jobs. For some of us it is our passion, for some of us, it is our dream for some of us it is our achievement after years of struggle and for some well, we need to run our homes. There are times in our lives, when we feel that we should... Continue Reading →

Body Positivity for Men

We have a lot of articles online talking about Body Positivity for women, but we seldom talk about Body Positivity for men. It all starts right from our school days, wherein we nick name each other based on our physical features like the fairest one without beard sprout will be chikna, the darkest one will... Continue Reading →

How to do Background Verification of a Company Before Accepting Job Offer.

Job Changing is a procedure that on an average we throught atleast once in 5-7 years. Sometimes, it is important to switch your jobs so that you can grow as a professional. Just like a how a Company does background verification on an individual, it is important that you do a background verification of the... Continue Reading →

Basics of Writing a Professional Email

With most of us still working from home, emails have been our major mode of communication. Though these days we have started using slangs for emails, we end up messing, when we need to send professional emails. Remember in corporate lives, emails play a major role. They can sometimes make or break your career. Always... Continue Reading →

My Husband Does Not Read My Work

A few days ago, there was a tweet that was put up by a fellow blogger. Have a look at that tweet hereunder. So the basic point of discussion was that if our spouses read our work and did that bring any change in our relationship. I started writing more post the birth of my... Continue Reading →

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