Negligence Still Continues – Study The Vizag Gas Leak in Visakhapatnam (2020) from Prospective of Bhopal Gas Tragedy and Oleum gas leak landmark Judgement

It’s Not Just about Vizag And Bhopal - It’s all about people life and environment. The Night of Bhopal gas Disaster and Years after That At the time, it was called the worst industrial accident in history. On December 3, 1984, approximately 45 ton of the damaging gas methyl isocyanate escaped from an insecticide plant... Continue Reading →

Balancing Political Injustices through Rule of Law

This paper presents an intersection between the theories given by John Stuart Mill, Aristotle and Dworkin. The first part of the paper includes analysis of a case in the light of Liberty theory given by John Stuart Mill. This theory will be interconnected with the theory of political justice given by Aristotle and the theory... Continue Reading →


Rule of law is a basic principle of the English Constitution that was later accepted by the US and Indian Constitution. In simple words it is a doctrine that means no one is above law, whether it is a common man, or the government and all the decisions made should be in adherence to it.... Continue Reading →


Rule of law literally means that, law is the supreme controlling authority, and every citizen who are subjects of their respective nations, must abide by the provisions of the law, and they must adhere to it with utter seriousness. To get a complete understanding on the topic of ‘rule of law’, it is necessary to... Continue Reading →


In this research article, the researcher seeks to analyze Article 14 of Constitution of India, 1950. The right to equality has not been given a far effect if seen in reality. In fact, we can say that this right has not been recognized among the human history at a larger range. This right seems to... Continue Reading →


INTRODUCTION: The notion of the Rule of Law is that the State is governed by the law, not by the monarch or the people’s chosen representatives. A country that enshrines the rule of law will be one in which the constitutional authority of the state is the fundamental and central law from which all other... Continue Reading →

Rule of law

The rule of law was written by A.V. dicey in 1885 in the British constitution and he had 3 ideas in rule of law-  1) Absence of Arbitrary Power: No man is above law. No man is punishable except for a distinct breach of law established in an ordinary legal manner before ordinary courts. Persons in authority in... Continue Reading →

What is Rule of Law?

The Rule of Law means that the government officials and citizens are bound by and abide by the law. The entire article revolves around the concept of the Rule of Law. The Rule of Law is very important for the legal functioning of the government in contemporary world. The government that abides by it is... Continue Reading →

Morality in Rule of Law

Jurists have interpreted the law differently from various points of view. It has been referred to in Hindu jurisprudence as Dharma and in the Islamic framework as Hukum. It was called Jus by the Romans and was called Richt and Droit in Germany and France. Law in its most basic, systematic sense, according to Blackstone,... Continue Reading →

Rule of Law

According to Massey, Rule of Law is a dynamic concept and does not have a distinct definition. Rule of Law is said to be a bunch of Rules which are based on the principles of Freedom, Equality, Non-Discrimination, Fraternity, Accountability and Non- Arbitrariness. In the Indian Constitution, Rule of Law has been adopted under the... Continue Reading →

Constitution of India – 1

CONSTITUTION OF INDIA DEFINITION- Constitution of India is the fundamental law of the land and it is important to state that all other laws in India derive there from the Constitution of India. Hence it means that if the law is violative of any of the principles of the Constitution then in that case, that... Continue Reading →

Constitutionalism – 2

 4)  Rule of Law- Rule of Law, in the ordinary sense would refer to the supremacy of law.          Individuals working in a State Machinery or for that matter, citizens of a particular region are all subjected to that law of that particular country which would further imply that the government officials shall dispense their official... Continue Reading →

Constitutionalism – 1

CONSTITUTIONALISM In ordinary sense, constitutionalism may be defined as a “belief in a constitutional government.” Constitution also can be defined as a doctrine that governs the legitimacy of a governmental action and it implies something more important than the idea of legality which requires official conduct to be in accordance with the Rules. In simple... Continue Reading →

Rule of Law

The term Rule of Law means that the state is governed by the law and all the other institutions to run the state come under the law. The concept of Rule of Law is as old as the existence of state. Many western as well as Indian thinkers explained it in their theories. Plato and... Continue Reading →

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