Know all about Bitcoins

In 21st century after the internet the next breakthrough was Bitcoin. When the Bitcoin was invented in 2008 its value was zero. Where as if we see today's value of Bitcoin is in lakhs. So in order to understand whether Bitcoins are safe or legal in India let us first understand about what is bitcoin?... Continue Reading →

Authoritative Structure for Banking Sector

Authoritative structure for the Banking Sector There are different banking laws and guidelines which are predominantly or mostly related with respect to how the banks work in the nation, they are as per the following The Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934 It was established to comprise RBI with goals to manage the issue of... Continue Reading →

Banking Laws in India – Provisions and Law

Introduction According to the reports of the Reserve Bank of India ("RBI"), India's financial segment is adequately promoted and all around directed. The budgetary conditions and the economy right now are much better than any nation on the planet. Be it credit, market or liquidity hazard studies and overviews, they all propose Indian banks have... Continue Reading →

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