Effect of Disputes on the Partition of Property in India

Private property is a necessary institution, at least in a fallen world; men work more and dispute less when goods are private than when they are in common.                                                                                                                                                                                                         R. H. Tawney Family disputes can result in a forced partition. Partition of property takes region while there may be joint possession of or greater individuals... Continue Reading →

Salient Features of the Maharashtra Land Revenue Code, 1966

Introduction Land provides us with our basic necessities such as food, clothing and shelter. It has always been an important axis for economic activities necessary to sustain human life. No developmental activity is possible without taking land into consideration. Goods can be moved around but land is immovable. Hence, the capability of land to provide... Continue Reading →

Who is a Legal Heir?

Introduction Property is an essential asset of a person’s life owned during and after his lifetime. Property is acquired for various purposes like shelter requirement, investment or financial security.[1] Property can be self-acquired i.e. purchased with a person’s own money or it can be ancestral, i.e. property of the ancestors inherited by the successors. These... Continue Reading →

Sale of Immovable Property

Property can be transferred through different modes, that is through sale, mortgage, lease, gift, exchange etc. Under the Transfer of Property Act 1882, Section 54 states that sale is defined as the transfer of ownership of a property in exchange for a price paid or promised or partly paid or part promised. Generally speaking, in a sale of... Continue Reading →

Trespass to land

The owner of property has the right to use that property in any legal manner they wish, including keeping other individuals from entering their property. Trespassing, or trespass to land, occurs when an individual enters onto another individual’s land without their permission or without a legal right to be on the property. Trespassing may be... Continue Reading →

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