The new version of ‘Hum do humare do’

A law that prevents people from receiving government subsidies and other government benefits if they have more than two children is known as a two-child policy. The Uttar Pradesh Population (Control, Stabilization and Welfare) Bill, 2021, is circulated by the Uttar Pradesh State Law Commission (UPSLC). The draft is open for suggestions till July 19,... Continue Reading →

Is having more than two children a Crime in India ?

It’s already been more than a year of introduction ‘Population Regulation Bill, 2019’ before parliament, calling for taking action against the people having more than two children. The bill was introduced by MP Rakesh Sinha, a founding member of India Policy Foundation, an RSS-affiliated non-profit think tank. The bill was signed by 125 MP; they... Continue Reading →

Different causes of overpopulation

Different Causes of Overpopulation 1. The Decline in the Death Rate At the base of overpopulation is the distinction between the general birth rate and demise rate in populations. In the event that the quantity of children brought into the world every year approaches the quantity of grown-ups that bite the dust, at that point... Continue Reading →

India has population not man power

Yesterday was world population day. Since last few months we have been battling one of the worst Pandemic Situation. Lack of medical Infrastructure, lack of Police Personnel , Essential Service Providers etc.etc. have been something that we have suddenly faced since last few days. We have an official population of about 130 crore people. Still... Continue Reading →

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