My Reason To Smile 

I had stopped smiling, living life, when I first met you,  It was not that it was love  at first sight for me,  Infact I was always irritated  by your prescence.   I never realised when irritation turned into comfort,  When I started to desire to be the reason behind that smile,  I never realised... Continue Reading →

Happiness and Determination

Today achieved another achievement, another feather in my cap, An unfulfilled dream which I saw day in and day out has been fulfilled.. Earlier whenever I dreamt I was always scared of my dreams being shattered , fading away with time , to be a part of just another dream, another memory. But today when... Continue Reading →

The Story Behind My Tears

The story behind my tears... When I was happy...I don't know why, all those around me were sad, When I was sad I don't know why, all those around me were happy, When I wished to remove my anger, those around me still didnt have time to hear me out.... But the reason behind my... Continue Reading →

A Mixed Bag of Emotions

A Mixed bag of Emotions In the morning sadness creeped into my mind....... I was desperately searching for happiness to make me smile... I searched for it everywhere, in the books, in family in friends... but none came to the rescue... making the saddy monster just creep deeper into my mind.... But true is the... Continue Reading →


Expressions I wish I had spoken the unsaid, Lived every moment myself, As I could neither do neither of it till today, I promise myself I will not hide my Expressions As they are meant to be expressed and not hidden .... Aishwarya Erayi

The Real Me

The Real Me..... Till Date all those things that I had expected to do .. Nothing so sincere things just some random things, Tried it off today, and it feels so good to just break the rules, Today I broke a rule and then another and then another... But I am not guilty of doing... Continue Reading →

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