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My Husband Does Not Read My Work

A few days ago, there was a tweet that was put up by a fellow blogger. Have a look at that tweet hereunder. So the basic point of discussion was that if our spouses read our work and did that bring any change in our relationship. I started writing more post the birth of my […]

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Your Turn Now to spread kindness

In Mumbai we lead our lives in a supersonic speed. We live in high rise building but barely know our neighbours. In such times it is next to impossible to smile at them or help them in small ways. “Neeki Kar Dariya mein Daal” is an age old proverb that we have heard since so […]

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From Farming to Blogging

Parenting is a joint responsibility of both the parents. Yet only mothers are dominantly seen executing their part. Just like mothers fathers also have their own style of parenting and are more open to talk about the same today. Here is Mr. Sandeep Singh from Chandigarh, who is a Farmer and a Dad Blogger. Can […]

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