Should hindi be made the national language of india

According to a study by Ethnologue, India has the world’s fourth highest number of languages. Some of the languages are extinct because the upcoming generations refuse to recognize the language. Article 343 of the Indian Constitution states that the official language of the Union shall be Hindi in Devanagari script. Article 344 provides for the... Continue Reading →

Language and New education policy

Communicating in more than one language suggests that the mind has buckled down in the basic advancement stage, and therefore, the child ends up being savvy, has a superior capacity to focus, hindrance, adaptability, and are likewise better at exchanging. Capability in more than one language brings about better vocation possibilities. Alongside creating psychological abilities,... Continue Reading →

National Language Vs. Official Language

India is a multi Lingual Country, where language changes at every 3 kms. Different states were formed post independence considering language. Recently, once again the debate arose whether we should make Hindi as our National Language ? Can Indian as a Country have one National Language? If you have any queries then please send me... Continue Reading →

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