Ananya – Who killed her

There was a crowd of reporters flocking around the building. After all  it was a shocking news that a successful self made businesswoman is found dead in her apartment. Ananya was known as an entrepreneur who was an advocate for mental health. She was known as a fierce person yet one of the most kind... Continue Reading →

Loosing Weight – Step 1

I have always been on the heavier side. So it is really not a big deal for me !!! Somewhere down the line, my heavy weight always had an impact on my self confidence. It was tough not to think about it, every single time I went out for shopping. It was tough not to... Continue Reading →

Domestic Sexual Harassment

As human beings we never leave an opportunity to victim shame. Whenever, we hear about any rape case, we try to find out faults in the dressing and demeanour of the victim but seldom do we blame the predator. Somehow, victim shaming comes in easily for our patriarchal society than solving the problem at hand.... Continue Reading →

Things to do during your pregnancy

Wish list of a pregnant mother: Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases of a woman’s life. Your body is preparing itself to give birth to another life; this may cause your body to go through a lot of chemical reactions. Everybody in and around you would be equally excited about the new addition... Continue Reading →

Sexual Harassment

When we generally talk about sexual harassment, often a woman’s image comes in our mind. Someone, who is harassed, who is hurt, injured and is often the victim. But in reality, apart from women, there are others also who are sexually harassed. Through this blog series, I would be talking about different cases of Sexual... Continue Reading →

Difference between Dowry and Alimony

Twitter and Quora are my favorite source of entertainment as well as news.I simply love the way, how some people call themselves as flag bearers and  activist on the internet, yet refuse to help someone, who has fallen on the road before him. A couple of such people that I read are the feminist and... Continue Reading →

Is a sibling a necessity or an option ?

My son will turn 4 years in October. So it has kind of become mandatory that almost every other person is inquiring, when my son will be getting a sibling or not.  I have a brother and my husband is the only child of his parents. Now most of the times a lot of decide to... Continue Reading →

Things you should never say to children

Children are young adults in making. Whatever we say to them during their childhood, sometimes knowingly or unknowingly haunts them. Children are encouraged by adults, but sometimes, we treat them as punching bags to deal with our own frustrations. Hereunder are a few things,  that you should never tell your child, irrespective of any situation:... Continue Reading →

Difference between comparison and setting a benchmark

Since Childhood, we are taught one thing, to always perform better than our cousins, friends, neighbors, distant relatives or just merely any person existing on this planet. In the process of comparing our children with other children, who may or may not be of the same age and capability, we are somewhere directly or indirectly,... Continue Reading →

Gentle Parenting

Gentle parenting, is a new concept, that every new millennial parent wants to adopt. But different people have different concepts of Gentle parenting. So hereunder, is my interpretation of the concept of Gentle Parenting: The word Gentle Parenting as per me means Parenting without being harsh. While, many of you may feel that it is... Continue Reading →

She is a SuperMom and yes she is Mitali Jakatdar

So the Idea of this Column is to fulfill my childhood passion of writing Biographies. Yes my favorite subject is people and who are the most interesting people than mothers themselves. So presenting my first small Biography on none other than SuperMom Mitali. Mitali is a mother of 2 Beautiful daughters and 2 Canine babies,... Continue Reading →

A Mother who could not breast feed

Whenever, I met saw mothers nursing their children, I felt that this was the ultimate pleasure of motherhood. I thought, when I have my own child, I would breastfeed it for hours and love him to the core. The first part of my wish was completed, for I had a nice healthy baby but unfortunately... Continue Reading →

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