Why Men Are From Mars And Women Are From Venus

Ever Since the existence of mankind, the difference between men and women have been there. Men and Women are like Chalk and Cheese. We may love each other, hate other but we cannot ignore each other. We come across men in different phases of our lives in different relationships but one man with whom we... Continue Reading →

Men Cannot Cook

Men Cannot Cook Oh ! How can Men cook ? They are not meant for cooking. It does not suit them. Cooking is a part of a Women’s Duty. Skies, will fall down, if men start cooking at home, What will the society say ? The women in his house are incapable of feeding him.... Continue Reading →

Is this for real!!!

Caution:- someone had posted this screenshot on FB from the group TCS Confessions. It was an anonymous post so the authenticity of the same is not known. However, I do not disagree with the content because I have personally seen such cases. Do have a look at this post before you read the article. A... Continue Reading →

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