Ethics during Medival Period 1

The medieval period contains a remarkably rich assortment of ways to deal with morals. Morals is an investigation of good issues in the fields of individual and aggregate collaboration. The term is additionally at times utilized all the more by and large to depict issues in expressions and sciences, strict convictions and social needs. The... Continue Reading →

Offences against Property – 2

In last article we get to know about the offences against property till Section 395 and this article is the continuation of last article and we will get to know sections of Criminal Misappropriation and Criminal Breach of Trust. 1. CRIMINAL MISAPPROPRIATION Sec 403 of IPC defines Dishonest misappropriation of property as: Whoever dishonestly misappropriates... Continue Reading →

General Exception in Indian Penal Code – part 3

GENERAL EXCEPTION UNDER IPC- PART 3 This article will deal with section 85 to 92 of IPC. 1. INTOXICATION Alcohol is strongly associated with the crimes of violence.  The effect of alcohol is that it is a depressant which reduces the stimulation of brain and whereby a person loses control of his acts. It weakens... Continue Reading →

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