Aviation law is branch of law concerning regulation of air travel and associated legal and business concern. Aviation law regulates everything from buying a plane ticket to travelling anywhere around the world. Aviation law facilitates the freedom of travel as well as protect and regulate the necessary action in many cases. It also concerns business... Continue Reading →


In addition to deciding that space of law to pursue, this is often another question that perpetually puzzles law students. Many folks are confused between these 2 areas as a result of what they hear from their seniors and additionally as a result of of totally different tv shows or movies. each appear appealing because... Continue Reading →

Think Ambitiously Enough

It's normally said that " If your fantasies do not terrify you, they are not sufficiently large." So are your thinks ambitiously enough? Do they terrify you? The stuff to suppose beyond practical boundaries? These are a portion of the inquiries which regularly enter your studies. The response to these inquiries lies in the reality... Continue Reading →

Does cramming actually work?

We 've all done it either completely failed to remember that you have an assessment or lingering such a lot of that you wind up in a huge hurry to become familiar with all the new data before your assessment the coming day. At the point when this occurs, packing for assessments hourly truly behaves... Continue Reading →


The possibilities for how subjects are endless; you just have to narrow it down to the issue you want to write about. There are entire periodicals dedicated to cinema stars, and television stations have programs dedicated to them. If you keep up with what’s going on in the world of sports, you can choose a... Continue Reading →

The Advocates (Protection) Bill, 2021

The Bar Council of India (BCI) on July 2 has come up with the highly anticipated draft Advocates (Protection) Bill, 2021 (hereinafter to be referred to as ‘the Bill’). The BCI is a statutory body constituted under the Advocates Act, 1961 which regulates legal practice and legal education in India. Introduction The statutory body on... Continue Reading →


It was the year 2015 when I was preparing for my Company Secretary (herein called ‘CS’) Executive (both groups) for the December term. While preparing for the same, I realized that I was more attracted to the law papers than others. Even when the results were declared in January, 2016, I got good marks in... Continue Reading →

Advocates Act and the Bar Council Of India

The Advocate Acts defines the legal provisions relating to the legal practitioners and also provides the provisions for the constitution of the Bar Councils and an All-India Bar. So basically, the said Act provides the procedure for registration in state-level bar councils and what kind of qualifications a person may require for registration to practice... Continue Reading →

Disguised unemployment

Disguised unemployment occurs when part of the labour force is either left out of work or works redundantly so that labour productivity is practically zero. It is unemployment that does not affect total production. Unemployment is disguised in an economy where productivity is low and too many workers have too few jobs. Disguised unemployment is... Continue Reading →

Brain Drain : and the reasons behind it

“Brain Drain is all okay but don’t you miss having dinner with your family?” Introduction Brain drain is a slang term indicating substantial emigration or migration of individuals. A brain drain can result from turmoil within a nation, the existence of favourable professional opportunities in other countries, or from a desire to seek a higher... Continue Reading →

Importance of case briefing

Case study is a method of studying law. A researcher is probably assigned the task of briefing. A case brief should atleast include the facts of the case, the legal issue, the legal principle applied in the case, the holding and reasoning of the majority, and a summary of any concurrences and dissents. The most... Continue Reading →


Since I started speaking, I never stopped. I was an hyperactive, energetic kid, who found everything curious. There was once my mother said that I asked about 34 questions in a minute, and each one of it different, but may or may not be about a particular thing. I used to observe things, small things,... Continue Reading →

How to get hired – What your CV talks

A CV or a Resume is the first document that introduces you to the Company. A covering letter along with your CV, can make a good first impression or a bad impression on your recruiter. A majority of the employee make these common mistakes in their over excitement, which makes them non- eligible for the... Continue Reading →

Is this for real!!!

Caution:- someone had posted this screenshot on FB from the group TCS Confessions. It was an anonymous post so the authenticity of the same is not known. However, I do not disagree with the content because I have personally seen such cases. Do have a look at this post before you read the article. A... Continue Reading →

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