Sexual Harassment

When we generally talk about sexual harassment, often a woman’s image comes in our mind. Someone, who is harassed, who is hurt, injured and is often the victim. But in reality, apart from women, there are others also who are sexually harassed. Through this blog series, I would be talking about different cases of Sexual... Continue Reading →

Difference between Dowry and Alimony

Twitter and Quora are my favorite source of entertainment as well as news.I simply love the way, how some people call themselves as flag bearers and  activist on the internet, yet refuse to help someone, who has fallen on the road before him. A couple of such people that I read are the feminist and... Continue Reading →

How to educate your child about Sex

The recent news of a 5 year old child raping another child of nearly same age, has shocked the world. Could this even be for real is the first question that arose in everyone's mind ? What exactly  must have transpired that teenage pregnancy and the amount  of illegal abortions are increasing in our country... Continue Reading →

Things you need to know before buying any product in India

India is a country, wherein Consumer is the King, but it remains, just as a statement as day in and day out a lot of consumers are openly fooled by the manufacturers. Many a times, due to their innocence, but most  of the times due to their ignorance. Here are a few things to remember... Continue Reading →

Students and law don't go hand in hand unless you are one of the law students...Well this is a myth my dear students... there are a few laws that are helpful for you as a is an introductory video.. Please do subscribe to my channel and watch more videos: Please do  follow me on... Continue Reading →

Rent Agreement

We enter into a leave and license agreement or the Rent Agreement, while taking a house on rent. While, it has been a standard to enter into a 11 months Agreement for the purpose of the same but do you know the reason behind it? To know more about the tips while entering into a... Continue Reading →

Sale Agreement

We enter into the Sale Agreement with the vendor while purchasing a new property. Whilst many a times the Builders and the real estate agents present you with a standard agreement. Most people feel that we cannot challenge or negotiate the terms of this Agreement but it is not that way. One can always challenge... Continue Reading →

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