Introduction To provider registration and regulation for all clinical establishments within the country with a motive to prescribing the minimum standards of facilities and services provided by them to citizens of the country the govt. of India (central govt.) enacted the Clinical Establishments (Registration and Regulation) Act, 2010 ("Act") as per commission namely "Clinical Establishments,... Continue Reading →

Child Labour & Constitutional Provision

Child labour refers to the employment of children in any work that deprives them of their childhood, interferes with their ability to attend regular school, and that is mentally, physically, socially or morally dangerous and harmful. Children engaged in this are deprived of basic experiences such as schooling and are physically and mentally scarred.  The... Continue Reading →

Grevious Hurt by Throwing Acid (326A of IPC)

Acid Attack is the attack of throwing acid on the body. It is a assault which is done in the intention to destroy the face or to kill. The problem of acid attack on womens is increasing day by day. The acid utilized in these assaults is Sulphuric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid and Nitric Acid. It... Continue Reading →

Quashing of FIR under Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973

The process of quashing an FIR is started from the High Court under section 482, Criminal Procedure Code in the jurisdiction where the FIR was filed and the trial is ongoing. In Special Leave Petitions filed under Article 136 of the Constitution of India or Article 142 of the Constitution of India, the Supreme Court... Continue Reading →


Aviation law is branch of law concerning regulation of air travel and associated legal and business concern. Aviation law regulates everything from buying a plane ticket to travelling anywhere around the world. Aviation law facilitates the freedom of travel as well as protect and regulate the necessary action in many cases. It also concerns business... Continue Reading →

The basic concept of Human Rights

A right means a claim or power to do something or, to have (acquire) and own something, that is considered to be necessary for an individual to live with dignity as a human being and a member of mankind. Such claims or powers are known as, ‘Human Rights. Definitions of Human Rights (1) Justice M.H... Continue Reading →

Passing Off Action Under Trademark Law

Passing off Passing off is a common law tort that can be enforced to the unregistered trademark rights. If a person sells his goods as the goods of another then the trademark owner can take action as this becomes a case of passing off. Passing of used to protect or safeguard the goodwill attach to... Continue Reading →

Actus Reus

A criminal act is referred to as an actus reus in Latin. Every crime must be broken down into two parts: the physical act of the crime (actus reus) and the mental intent to do the crime (intent to commit the crime) (mens rea). To demonstrate actus reus, a lawyer must show that the accused... Continue Reading →


The concept of partition is extremely ancient as per the Hindu Dharamshastras. The main reason of the existence of concept of Partition is the following of joint Hindu Family. Meaning of Partition: The general meaning is the division of joint status to give rise to individual families. But there is difference in the meaning of... Continue Reading →

Concept of Interim Order

Interim order means the order passed by the court during the pendency of the suit, to prevent any harm done to the interest of the parties to a suit and to protect the status of the subject matter of the suit from any damage. For example, there is dispute as to ownership of a property... Continue Reading →

bequests and it’s types

Introduction. The concept of bequest is used in Testamentary succession. When a person who by the way of will transfers the property to another person a bequest plays an important role. The act of leaving something for other through a will is called bequest. Bequest are of various types. For a will to be valid... Continue Reading →

What is Criminal Law?

Law is one of the most important things in a country. No Country can function if it doesn’t have laws. Law is a set of legitimate rules, statutes, and precedents, which are applicable within a given jurisdiction. Whenever one hears law all that comes in mind is Justice for one. And punishment of the same is... Continue Reading →


Negotiable instruments are written contracts in which their profits can be transferred from its original owner to a new owner. In other words, the Negotiable instruments are documents that promise to pay to the recipient (the person to whom it is given) or to the specified person. These instruments are transferable signed documents that promise... Continue Reading →

The Journey of Women’s Movements in India

In India, women's movements have been an endeavour to comprehend, identify, and preserve their identity. Women are present in all movements, and their participation can be seen in movements relating to rights and difficulties in general socio-economic concerns, as well as issues common to all women pertaining to family and law.There have been three waves... Continue Reading →

Law as a career in India

Law has traditionally been seen as a noble and honorable profession in India. Our country's roots may be traced back to the labor of outstanding lawyers who not only practiced law but also made significant contributions to the fight for national independence. Lawyers have always been thorough in assisting in the regulation of our country's... Continue Reading →

Condition Precedent and Condition Subsequent

Condition Precedent Section 128 - Fulfilment of condition precedent to vesting of legacy Where a Will imposes a condition to be fulfilled before the legatee can take a vested interest in the thing bequeathed, the condition shall be considered to have been fulfilled if it has been substantially complied with. Illustrations (i) A legacy is... Continue Reading →

Inequalities And Discrimination related to Women’s Property Rights and Adoption Aspects under the Hindu Law

Hindu law refers to the legal theory, jurisprudence, and philosophical reflections on the nature of law found in Indian texts from the ancient and medieval periods. Prior to codification, there were several kinds of Hindu laws related to property rights. One such law is related to the Joint Hindu Family business. The Joint Hindu Family... Continue Reading →


The Latin phrase ‘Caveat Emptor’ basically means ‘let the buyer beware’ is an integral part of The Sale of Goods Act, 1930. In commercial transaction it is the duty of every buyer to be careful while buying goods of their requirements and also the seller is under an obligation to allow the buyer to examine the... Continue Reading →


As far as I can re-call, the outbreak of virus was reported in Wuhan back in 2020. In fact, the first case Covid-19 was reported outside China, in Thailand. The cases were initially were reported in China, but nothing was known about it. It didn’t take much time for virus to arrive in India. Till,... Continue Reading →

education policy 2020

ARTICLE: EDUCATION POLICY 2020 As we all are familiar with the earlier education system that has been criticized over a long period. If we compare the Indian educational system with the other developed nation like Germany Singapore, India was lacking behind them. There were demerits in the Indian system that needed to be revised. But... Continue Reading →

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