Salient Features of the Indian Constitution

A Constitution is a fundamental document of any country which sets down the principal functions of organs of the Government. The framework of the country, relations between the government and its citizens, the interjections between the government and its citizens, etc. are all listed strictly by this document. The principality of its existence is very... Continue Reading →

Amendment of The Constitution (Doctrine of Basic Structure)

Meaning of Amendment: Making a change in a text is referred to as Amendment. This change can be in the form of an addition, alteration, variation, modification, removal or repeal of the text. The constitutional provisions relating to amendment of the Indian Constitution Article 368 of the Indian Constitution deals with the amendment of the... Continue Reading →


The Indian President is the head of the state and he is also called the first citizen of India. He is a part of Union Executive, provisions of which are dealt with Article 52-78 including articles related to President (Article 52-62). Under these articles, information on how a President is elected, his powers and functions,... Continue Reading →

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