Human Security

Human Security is about the protection of people more than the protection of States. Human Security and State Security should be- and often are – the same thing. But secure states do not automatically mean secure peoples. Protecting citizens from foreign attack may be a necessary condition for the security of individuals, but it is... Continue Reading →

Human Rights Day 2020

HUMAN RIGHTS DAY 2020 "To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity." - Nelson Mandela Human rights are basically rights which are meant for every individual. In this world where there is discrimination of various kinds spread all over the world, the existence of human right is very important to ensure... Continue Reading →

Not having children post marriage is a choice

Off Late,I have come across a lot of couples, who have mutually decided on not having children. I have a few friends  who are  in their 30's, single and are fully convinced that even if they find someone, and they get married in near future, they would not have children. I know a few couples,... Continue Reading →

National Language Vs. Official Language

India is a multi Lingual Country, where language changes at every 3 kms. Different states were formed post independence considering language. Recently, once again the debate arose whether we should make Hindi as our National Language ? Can Indian as a Country have one National Language? If you have any queries then please send me... Continue Reading →

Absurd Notions About Homosexuality – Are We A Progressive Or Regressive Society

Homosexuality is one topic that we do not wish to talk about or discuss about. In a country, where still love marriages and arranged marriages are looked down upon, in a society, wherein you can get married only if you belong to the same caste, religion, locality, Economic background, sub-caste, skin color, race. Given the... Continue Reading →

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