India’s Freedom History 3

During the medieval and modern times, the independence movement of the country grew rapidly and gained much more importance. Maharana Pratap is known to be the first freedom fighter of India. He was the bravest and the most courageous warrior that India has ever produced. He was the only Rajput Ruler who did not surrender... Continue Reading →

Chanakya’s Arthashastra

Republican form of governments were well estabilished in ancient India. At the time of the invasion of Alexander of Macedonia ( 4th century B.C.) there existed a large number of independent Ganas ( Republics ) like Agrasenies in the Indus Valley , Kambhoj in the West, Panchals in the North etc.( Sen 1920: Ch3 ,... Continue Reading →

History of Judicial system – 2

Criminal Law, Civil Law and Personal Laws During British Period- Criminal Law in the British Period- During this time, serious offences like homicide became crimes against the state instead of being private offences. From 1790 onwards, Lord Cornwallis extended the process of codifying criminal law. Major changes took place in the subject of sentencing. The... Continue Reading →

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