INTRODUCTON Healthcare for prisoners may sound absurd. How can and even why a criminal, who may have performed any heinous crime or may have tried to harm any innocent life be provided with such a care? This is possible question that may pop in our minds. But this question has an answer within the international... Continue Reading →


People believe that prisoners are sent to prison as punishment, and not for punishment. This implies that the loss of an individuals right to liberty is enforced by containment in a closed environment. Thus keeping the individual in the custody of the state, should not, however, have a deleterious effect on him. But this is,... Continue Reading →


Over 10.2 million people are jailed around the world. A jail is a place where lawbreakers who commit heinous crimes are held captive and imprisoned. Criminals are sent to prison for reasons other than punishment, according to popular belief. People commonly believe that when a prisoner is detained, he loses his right to liberty because... Continue Reading →

Health Care – an Essential Service in India

It is imperative to define 'essential health care,' which should be made available to all citizens to facilitate inclusivity in health care. Access to quality health services on an affordable and equitable basis in many parts of the country remains an unfulfilled aspiration. At one end of the spectrum are private hospitals with world class... Continue Reading →

Healthcare as Fundamental Right

        In a development which should bring cheer to public health activists in India, a committee set up by the government has recommended that India have a fundamental right to health. The separate committee has been set up the healthcare as the concurrent list both by state and center. And both the State and Center are... Continue Reading →

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