Should same sex marriage be legalised in India – 3

The impugned provisions of the Special Marriage Act of 1954 are based on irrational and discriminatory stereotype gender roles assigned by the society to man and woman and thus cannot pass the test of non-discrimination imposed by Article 15(1) of the Const. Justice Chandrachud, in his concurrent opinion in Navtej Singh Judgement, had opined that:... Continue Reading →

Issues Faced by Transgenders in India

Issues Faced by Transgenders’ in India It is assessed that there are between 2-3 million transgender people living in India, with certain estimations much higher. Transgenders’ have been prohibited and criticized since the time of the British Raj. Before this, they assumed an unmistakable function in the Delhi Sultanate and Mughal imperial courts, specifically under... Continue Reading →

Know about Transgender’s and their Rights – 1

The Article centers on the way that how despite the fact that the Parliament has passed a bill for the security of Transgenders’, they are left with restricted rights and insurance which are lacking to look for any legal cure. India has gained a spot among the 28 nations of Asia to sanction homosexuality and... Continue Reading →

Domestic Abuse: A Gender Neutral Crime

The lockdown has been tough on every individual. Everyone, was physically, mentally and emotionally affected by the same. While our media has tried to address this problem directly or indirectly in one or the other way. People have come out and spoken about how, lockdown has caused a tremendous increase in the number of Domestic... Continue Reading →

How Fake Feminism arose in India

I had always been strong and independent from the time I remember. Infact criticised for it every other time. I first heard the term fake femininazi on Twitter. Which means a woman who generally uses gender to play victim card when it suits her and thinks Independence means abusing the opposite genders. In the last... Continue Reading →

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