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Thoughts of a Second Time Mom

You need a son and a daughter to complete your family. A common statement that every woman hears post her marriage. Irrespective of the Gender of the first child (plays even more important role if the first child is a female), the society insist that you have a second child. Having a child is a… Continue reading Thoughts of a Second Time Mom

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Taking Children to workplace

I still remember, during my childhood, when my neighbor used to go to her mother's office on one fine Saturday. Apart from that, I also visited my father's office once or twice a year. It was nothing fancy, unlike today, just a table and desk , a ceiling fan and loads and loads of papers.… Continue reading Taking Children to workplace

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A Dinner Date

Ananya and Siddharth were married for about 8 years now. They were both well to do, good income, perfect house and parents to a lovely daughter who was now almost 6 years old. Their life was perfect from the outside to the world but it was as mundane as it would get. Like every couple… Continue reading A Dinner Date