Freedom of Speech during the pandemic – 8

Laws relating to the right to speak freely of discourse acquired during the COVID-19 lockdown The inquiry at that point is what is the current situation of the laws implied for explicitly managing COVID-19, on the right to speak freely and articulation? What are the possible ways the legislature could control discourse and articulation, and... Continue Reading →

Freedom of Speech and Expression during the pandemic 7

In Dr. Khan's case, the Calcutta High Court passed a request guiding the police to quickly restore his cell phone and SIM card and furthermore coordinated that there will be no further cross examination without the leave of a court. Further, the respondents may begin a criminal body of evidence against the writ candidate without... Continue Reading →

Freedom of Expression during the Pandemic – 6

Because of these developing lawful difficulties, UNESCO has given rules for judges and courts, both at public and provincial levels, that can fill in as references to apply the structures of global law and common liberties norms to ensure and advance opportunity of articulation. The creation of the rules follow an online course arrangement on... Continue Reading →

Freedom of Expression during the pandemic – 3

India Rundown Freedom of articulation is ensured under article 19(1) (a) of India's Constitution. No arrangement in Indian law explicitly manages "counterfeit news." However, various offenses under different laws condemn certain types of discourse that may establish "counterfeit news" and have been applied to cases including the spread of bogus news with respect to 19,... Continue Reading →

Freedom of Expression during the Covid – 2

Disciplines for these wrongdoings and infringement change from ostensible fines, network administration, and momentary confinement to protracted times of detainment. The most serious discipline for distributing counterfeit news online was found in Bangladesh, where the financial fine can arrive at a sum equivalent to nearly US$120,000, and detainment can be 14 years in length. Notwithstanding... Continue Reading →

Freedom of Expression during the Pandemic – 1

Introduction The article is based on the report, arranged by the examination staff of the Law Library of Congress, overviews lawful acts directing broad communications and their capacity to circulate data uninhibitedly during the Covid-19 pandemic. The report centers on as of late acquainted revisions with public enactment pointed at building up various control measures... Continue Reading →

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