When parents turn Bullies

Well the title of this  blog may shock you a bit, but sometimes knowingly or unknowingly, the biggest bullies in a child’s life are his parents. Sometimes knowingly, and many a times unknowingly we bully our children. The basic duty of parents is to help make our kids, rough and tough for the world and in the same process we adopt strictness. We feel that … Continue reading When parents turn Bullies

Critic, Reviews and Negative People

India is one of the few countries, where freedom of speech is available for its citizens. This same freedom allows us to criticize our government, our people and most importantly art work. With the cheap availability of smart phones, even more cheaper, internet plans and immense access to social media, almost every other person feels cool, when he criticises someone. For Example: If you see … Continue reading Critic, Reviews and Negative People

Taking Children to workplace

I still remember, during my childhood, when my neighbor used to go to her mother’s office on one fine Saturday. Apart from that, I also visited my father’s office once or twice a year. It was nothing fancy, unlike today, just a table and desk , a ceiling fan and loads and loads of papers. I felt Privileged, like an adult, whenever I went to … Continue reading Taking Children to workplace

Balancing Profession and Hobby

By Profession, I am a lawyer but my hobby is writing. My love for law and writing was so deep that I took an undergraduate course in Journalism and then proceeding to study law. If there was one thing that I could never give up in my life, then that is writing. Writing has always been an integral part of me. I always wanted to … Continue reading Balancing Profession and Hobby

Difference between comparison and setting a benchmark

Since Childhood, we are taught one thing, to always perform better than our cousins, friends, neighbors, distant relatives or just merely any person existing on this planet. In the process of comparing our children with other children, who may or may not be of the same age and capability, we are somewhere directly or indirectly, discouraging our child. While, most of the parents feel that … Continue reading Difference between comparison and setting a benchmark

Gentle Parenting

Gentle parenting, is a new concept, that every new millennial parent wants to adopt. But different people have different concepts of Gentle parenting. So hereunder, is my interpretation of the concept of Gentle Parenting: The word Gentle Parenting as per me means Parenting without being harsh. While, many of you may feel that it is important to be strict with your child or hit your … Continue reading Gentle Parenting

She is a SuperMom and yes she is Mitali Jakatdar

So the Idea of this Column is to fulfill my childhood passion of writing Biographies. Yes my favorite subject is people and who are the most interesting people than mothers themselves. So presenting my first small Biography on none other than SuperMom Mitali. Mitali is a mother of 2 Beautiful daughters and 2 Canine babies, so in all she is mommy of 4 kids. I … Continue reading She is a SuperMom and yes she is Mitali Jakatdar