Theme Reveal – Unapologetic Me- #A2ZBlogchatterchallenge2021

In the last 10 years of my professional life, I have restarted my career atleast thrice. I do not claim to be an expert on this subject, neither am I a sucessful super hotshot. I am still a struggling woman, whose dreams and desires keep on increasing day by day. Professionally speaking, I am a... Continue Reading →

What is Love – Valentine’s Day Special

This is written by someone who is married to a wonderful person for the last 8 years with two lovely kids. I do not fit into the normal definition of the society and therefore my definition of Love and Valentine is something different. You may or may not relate to the same but I would... Continue Reading →

Why I love K – Dramas

I have been wanting to write on this topic since many days, however, as this is the week of Love, why not write about something that I absolutely Love watching these days. The K-drama or the Korean Drama Series are something that I look forward to watch, whenever I am bored. Even though I do... Continue Reading →

Indian Women – an Inspiration

Indian Women are not only known for their tradition, culture and docile nature but also for their bravery and sacrifices. Apart from the Bollywood Actresses that we see on screen, we do have quit a few real life Heroines, who have contributed towards the society. Indian Women, have always played a major in both actively... Continue Reading →

Stop glamourising Over Working !

I end up working all 6 days of the week for more than 10 hours. In corporate life this seems to be a normal statement. We are all just ready to bend over backwards to help our Companies earn profit and prosper, sometimes at the cost of our health, many a times at the cost... Continue Reading →

To fast or not to fast

Today since morning my timeline has been flooded with images of yesterday's Karva Chauth Celebrations. Friends dressed in their fine jewlery and outfits, looking no less than an angel. Simultaneously, there were a few who were against this fasting because this festival promotes patriarchy. I come from a community, where this festival is not celebrated... Continue Reading →

Why it is tough to be a girl child even today

Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, has been the slogan for the new government. True, today laws are more stringent with respect to the protection of the girl child. Our society has so called progressed by ALLOWING Women to work equally along with men. Today we can make our own choices, own properties, be physically , mentally,... Continue Reading →

How we had an Eco- Friendly Ganesh Utsav

This Blog is about how we celebrated Eco - Friendly, Ganesh Utsav

Artistic Mom

I e-met, Lakshmi Viswanathan through another friend. When she shared her paintings with me. I was shocked and had literally no words to express. I wanted to know more about her. If you think that only degree from a reputed college at the so called right age can help you succeed in life. Then this... Continue Reading →

An open letter from a Mom Blogger

It's been a couple of years now that I have been a parenting blogger. Since last one year, I have been writing for my own portal and also collaborating with brands. Blogging even today is not seen as a full-time respectable profession. It is sad but true that people choose to look down upon you... Continue Reading →

When Music Heals the Soul

I first E-Met Radha Ramnath, in the Facebook Community, Mumbai Moms. Every night she would upload a song in her melodious voice, which just freshed up everyone's mind. She also has a group called as the Sunday Jammers, where all the music lovers get together and jam. Here under is a sneak peak of our... Continue Reading →

My journey as a Parenting Blogger

Writing was always my passion. It was my only way of expressing my feelings and emotions, which made me feel light. my favorite subject was politics and law. Post becoming a mother I lost touch with law, just because I got busy with my baby. Suffering from bad post partum depression, I was lost in... Continue Reading →

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