MEANING OF DOWER Dower is an obligation imposed upon the husband as a mark of respect for the wife. According to Mulla, a dower is a sum of money or other property which the wife is entitled to receive from her husband in consideration of marriage.[1] Dower when fixed by mutual consent after the marriage... Continue Reading →

Pendente Lite and Permanent Alimony under Hindu marriage act , 1955

Maintenance as a concept when considered from the point of view of law refers to the kind of financial assistance given to either of the litigating parties on an application made by them and only through an order passed by the court having jurisdiction to do so and upon execution of decree in this regard.... Continue Reading →

Impact of “conversion on marriage” in personal laws in India

Religion is a very sensitive and personal aspect of individual's life and the Constitution of India guarantees the freedom of conscience and religion to people of all denominations. Thus, a person is free to profess any faith or relinquish his faith of birth and convert to another religion. However, in view of the diversity personal... Continue Reading →

Void and voidable marriage

According to Section 11 of the Hindu marriage Act, a void marriage means which is void since its beginning or inception. In other words, it does not exist. It is called as a marriage because two persons have undergone the ceremonies required to perform a marriage, and thus become husband and wife. For example: If... Continue Reading →


Dower in English Law is defined as the portion which a widow hath of the lands of her husband at his decease, for the sustenance of herself and the education of her children.[1] Marriage in Islam unlike other religions is treated as a social necessity. The purpose of Islamic marriage is the creation of families... Continue Reading →


The Muslim jurists treat marriage both as a civil contract and a religious duty. Several authors of Anglo-Muhammadan Law apparently under the influence of modern conception of marriage or perhaps by reason of singular characteristics of Muslim Matrimonial Law have defined it as a civil contract. According to them, marriage among Mohammedans is not a... Continue Reading →

Role of mediation in family law cases.

In India, a family is considered as the basic unit of society and marriage as the most important relationships within family influencing morality and civilization. The disputes which arise in a family are very crucial and they need to be taken care of with patience and also reach a solution where both parties can benefit.... Continue Reading →

Nuisance in Torts

NUISANCE (Introduction)- Nuisance basically means hurting anyone or causing injury to a person by the deeds of another person. It includes hurting or causing injury to the person by causing nuisance of lands, tenements, or hereditaments and it does not amount to the trespass. The word ‘nuisance’ is derived from the word nuire, to do... Continue Reading →

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