Effect of Disputes on the Partition of Property in India

Private property is a necessary institution, at least in a fallen world; men work more and dispute less when goods are private than when they are in common.                                                                                                                                                                                                         R. H. Tawney Family disputes can result in a forced partition. Partition of property takes region while there may be joint possession of or greater individuals... Continue Reading →


INTRODUCTION Marriage is one of important social institution which approved socially relationship between man and women that bind them into permanent, as a spouse. Marriage establishes socially obligation over the spouse’s relation such as wife under obligation to live with her husband under a roof and husband is responsible to provide his wife’s maintenance during... Continue Reading →


Marriage: In the ancient Hindu law, the object of marriage was of great excellence, It was more connected with the performance of religious duties and begetting (bring a child into the world) a son, which will enable a person to get rid of the sufferings of hell and to attain salvation. Although, it is pertinent... Continue Reading →

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