WhatsApp Privacy Policy

The messaging app WhatsApp has been around for a long time; it launched in 2009 and was purchased by Facebook in 2014, but recently, it’s been gaining more popularity for the encryption features that make its chats more secure than others. According to the WhatsApp website, “From day one, we built WhatsApp to help you stay in touch with friends, share... Continue Reading →

Criminal Trial: Sessions Court

A trial, though not defined in the CrPC hereinafter mentioned as the Code, is commonly understood as the stage of the criminal justice process that begins after the charges have been filed. This process usually ends with either the acquittal or conviction of the accused. The code establishes the process, and the procedure of a... Continue Reading →

You know you grew up in middle class household when….

In India, we are not only differentiated on the basis of our caste, religion, region, gender or sex but also differentiated on the basis of our economic backgrounds like Upper Class, Middle Class and Lower Class. There is no harm in being a middle class, the intention of this blog is only to talk about... Continue Reading →

Instances of IP moved Finance in India

Instances of IP moved Finance in India IP utilized as guarantee for getting an advance is an incredible choice yet it is covered with orderly deterrents and such offbeat type of security makes irregularity between the laws that ensure IP and the valuation of the organization all in all. There is incredible vulnerability as for... Continue Reading →

Impact of Cow Slaughter – Part 1

What's the contrast between the 2020 Ordinance and the 1964 Act? Presently, in the event that you keep the 2020 law and 1964 Act which was common, one next to the other and look at, it's obvious that in both, male and female wild oxen are excluded for butcher, given that earlier consent is taken... Continue Reading →

Directors – Company Law – 3

Vacation of Office of Director (Sec 167) This section provides the reason in when the office of the director shall become vacate. The following are the reasons:- • He incurs any of the disqualifications specified in section 164; where he incurs disqualification under sub-section (2) of section 164, the office of the director shall become... Continue Reading →

Are Celebrities treated unfairly by the media ? Part 1

About Big names are those individuals who have procured gigantic distinction and preferring among people in general. Media consideration is essential for famous people to showcase themselves, which is a significant in their profession development. In any case, popularity resembles a twofold edged blade, now and then big names endure by the over-eager media people.... Continue Reading →

Purpose of Email Spam – 5

Email spam has primarily two purposes: publicizing and extortion Email spam: Risks and difficulties. The utilization of the Internet for appropriating spontaneous messages gives unmatched versatility, and uncommon reach, at a cost that is minuscule contrasted with what it would take to achieve similar outcomes through customary means. These three conditions made the ideal guess... Continue Reading →

Impact of Social Media on Society

Social media, the “lifeline” of present day society, as it connects people with each other, where they interact with wide range of people and groups and surely, it has its impact also, Social media here means the fun media, where people scroll endlessly and timelessly for hours and hours and not only people but the... Continue Reading →

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