103rd Constitutional Amendment,2019 – Part 5

Conclusion The arrangement of reservation isn't totally founded on casteism and subsequently partitions the general public prompting separation and clashes between various classes. It is the opposite of a shared living. Changes in reservation framework is the need of great importance. The booking framework has generally prompted a contention between the held and the open... Continue Reading →

103rd Constitutional Amendment, 2019 – Part 4

1.1   Similar past instances The Government of India gave an official request in September 1991 saving 10 percent of the opening in common posts and administrations for other "financially in reverse segments of the individuals who are not secured by any of the plans of reservation". "This was done to pacify the unsettling upper ranks... Continue Reading →

Constitutional Validity of 103rd Amendment, 2019 – part 3

CONSTITUTION VALIDITY CHALLENGE The legitimate test to the legitimacy if the 103rd amendment is a "fundamental structure challenge"."Certain auxiliary standards structure the centre or the substance of the Constitution and give it a specific Personality, for example, popularity based type of government, republican type of government, federalism, equity, opportunity, secularism, autonomy of the legal executive,... Continue Reading →

Constitutional Validity of 103rd Amendment, 2019

CONSTITUTIONAL VALIDITY OF 103rd AMENDMENT, 2019  “We must begin by acknowledging the fact that there is  a complete absence of two things in Indian society. One of these is equality. On the social plane, we have in India a society based on the principle of graded inequality which means elevation for some and degradation for... Continue Reading →

One Nation One Election

ONE NATION ONE ELECTION From 1950 to 1951 India's first Lok Sabha election was conducted. This Lok Sabha election was done on the basis of provision of the constitution of India. During that time to main parties were the Indian National Congress and Communist Party of India. The leader of Indian National Congress at that... Continue Reading →

Constitution of India 2

SALIENT FEATURES OF INDIAN CONSTITUTION Modern Constitution- The Indian Constitution was drafted in the mid-twentieth century by its makers which gave them an advantage as they could take cognizance and simultaneously were inspired by the various constitutional processes operating in different countries in the world and hence they could draw upon a rich fund of... Continue Reading →

From Liberal to Cosmopolitan Democracy

The possibilities then for the making of economical establishments of worldwide administration are unsure. Existing worldwide associations experience the ill effects of extreme vote based shortfalls and are driven by the interests of the elites of the most remarkable states, while non-state entertainers inside worldwide society do not have the intelligibility and authenticity to effectively... Continue Reading →

Democracy in present scenario

Introduction  The degree of sectarianism was held under restriction previously, on the grounds that at no other time did a sectarian political party accomplish such overpowering political power. The season has come in India when political leaders guarantee paradise on earth. Manner of speaking streams with full power. Charges are flung at rivals. The standard... Continue Reading →

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