NUISANCE: The word nuisance has been driven from the French word “nuire”. “Nocere” in the legal sence its means “annoyance” or “harm” or “disturbance”. MEANING Peacefully enjoy one’s own property is legal right of an individual. But everyone must endure limited degree of noise, dust, smell, smoke, vibration, the influents etc. from his neighbor.It’s a... Continue Reading →


Defamation is a civil wrong. It is a publication of a false statement without any lawful excuse. It is publication of such statement which tends to injure another person. If a statement tends to expose another person for ridicule or contempt, such statement shall also be defamation in nature. The defamatory statement must expose the... Continue Reading →

Defamation and Freedom of Speech in the Publishing Industry

Every person has a right to live with dignity. This right of reputation is acknowledged as an inherent personal right of every person as part of the right of personal liberty. A man's reputation is an invaluable property. If a person's reputation is being damaged then this loss exceeds far compared to the damaged property.... Continue Reading →

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