Cyber Crimes and Characterisitcs

The development of technology gave rise to a computer-related crime, which is, cybercrime. These crimes are just like the attack on the secured information of people, corporations, or governments. These attacks aren't on the human body but the virtual body. Cybercrime is an uncontrollable evil having its base within the misuse of growing dependence on... Continue Reading →

Cyber Law: A Basic Idea

Introduction Crime isn't new in the planet, it's as old because the human society. Crime has existed ever since humans have existed. With the passage of your time the society has changed then has the character of crime. With the emergence of latest era of technology, a new crime came to be referred to as... Continue Reading →

Personal data and data protection

Data is of two types: a. personal and b. non-personal data. Personal means those characteristics, traits or attributes of identity that can be used to identify an individual. Non-personal data includes aggregated data through which an individual cannot be identified. Data protection means to protect or to minimise intrusion into the privacy of an individual... Continue Reading →

Locker Room Chat

As I am typing this article, something very scary is trending on Twitter. #Boyslockerroomtalk and #GirlsLockeroomtalk. It all started yesterday, when a private instagram chat between few South Delhi Boys came out in public. These were groups formed on Instagram, wherein they were having sexual talks about girls who were their classmates. The worst part... Continue Reading →

Are your children using the Dark Web?

The internet is divided into three layers the Surface, the data which is accessible by a simple search. The Deep, web, which is ethical and lot of encrypted data (Protected data) such as Passwords and other such sensitive data is protected and stored. For example, the Google Server or any other Cloud Storage, wherein the... Continue Reading →

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