Family during lockdown

The pandemic has changed the way our relationships have evolved in the last few days. Unfortunately, it is not treating everyone the same way. While, some of us have been lucky enough to have food, clothing and shelter, some of us are not that fortunate. At presently, I reside with my husband, kids and in-laws... Continue Reading →

Helplessness during Covid

I belong to that section of society, whose problems are sometimes not understood. When we express our complaints, we are often told that “you should consider yourself lucky that you have everything, touchwood, you do not know, what financial problem means”. I still do not understand how this society works. Why is a woman’s mental... Continue Reading →

Freedom of Expression during the Covid – 2

Disciplines for these wrongdoings and infringement change from ostensible fines, network administration, and momentary confinement to protracted times of detainment. The most serious discipline for distributing counterfeit news online was found in Bangladesh, where the financial fine can arrive at a sum equivalent to nearly US$120,000, and detainment can be 14 years in length. Notwithstanding... Continue Reading →

Protecting online informational privacy

Internet privacy is a subset of the larger world of data privacy that covers the collection, use, and secure storage of PI generally. Internet privacy is concerned primarily with how PI is exposed over the Web, through tracking, data collection, data sharing, and cyber security threats. The global spread of COVID-19 has generated numerous privacy, data... Continue Reading →


Labour laws are very much important for the proper working of labourers in factories, industries and in other areas. But the political move of the BJP government to make India's economy stable which was diminishing due to global pandemic makes the life of labourers worse[1]. In this research paper we will find why the government... Continue Reading →

Assessment of Students in The Era of COVID-19

In this 21st Century era where modernism is at its zenith and people from most parts of the world are aware of even the smallest news and happenings that are there in there surroundings, where the online system in every sphere of the working has replaced the traditional methods of working and people have become... Continue Reading →

The Impact of Covid 19 on Sports

Game would be the significant contributor to social and financial growth. Its role is well recognised by authorities, such as in the Political declaration of the 2030 plan, that demonstrates "the significance of sports activities to empowering girls and tykes, individuals and groups, as well as the objectives of fitness, training and community cohesion."Although since... Continue Reading →

Covid 19 and its impact on Ayurvedic Products

 “Ayurveda is an immortal time-tested repository of the healthcare system in the world. This panacea could certainly open new horizons of health and wellness by creating immense opportunities of entrepreneurship and business development contributing to the global economy. - Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha, Secretary, Ministry of AYUSH" Our planet is under siege, desperate to protect itself from the... Continue Reading →

Cyber Crime During Pandemic

 The coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic is the defining global health crisis of our time and the greatest challenge we have faced since World War II. The pandemic is moving like a wave- and creating fear everywhere, but the health is not only the darker side of society, some other problems are coming along with this and our society... Continue Reading →

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