White- collar Crime: A rapidly increasing crime in India

White-collar crime is not new to India. The scale is.–R.V. Raman Introduction: For the first time in 1939, Edwin Hardin Sutherland, the most famous criminologist of the twentieth century and also a sociologist, characterized white collar crimes as "crimes committed by people who enjoy high social standing, considerable renown, and legitimacy in their employment." With... Continue Reading →

College as State

Can a government college be recognised as the State under the Companies Act? This is a main contention that was raised, especially in cases of discriminatory practices that are alleged to have happened in these colleges. In such cases can the college be tried under Article 14? These are a few questions that arise when... Continue Reading →

Lifting of corporate veil

A company is considered a separate legal person in law. This means that a company has the right to sue and be sued. It also means that the company can own property and has an existence separate from its directors. It also means that for any wrong or fraud that happens in a company, the... Continue Reading →

Misstatement In A Prospectus

According to Section 2(70) of the Companies Act, 2013 a prospectus is any law-related document outlining the financial securities for the sale to the investors of the corporate which also includes any circular, notice, ads or document which acts as an invite to offers from the general public. The prospectus is trusted by the members... Continue Reading →

Development in Company Law

DIRECTOR IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (DIN) • Director Identification Number (DIN) is a unique 8-digit number that is allotted by Central Government to the individuals who intend to become a director in a company or who already are directors of company. • DIN once allotted is valid for lifetime of a director until cancelled, surrendered or deactivated.... Continue Reading →

Doctrine of Corporate Veil

This doctrine means disregarding the corporate personality and searching the real person who are in having the control of the company. In simple words, where a fraudulent and dishonest use is made of the legal entity, the individuals concerned will not be allowed to take shelter behind the corporate personality. This is the situation when... Continue Reading →

Welcome To The Organised Loot By Indian Banks

The idea behind opening a savings account with a bank is to save some money for your future, but now that just seems like a nightmare. Some time ago, banks announced that we could open a zero balance account and come a few years down the line, now the minimum balance required in your bank... Continue Reading →

Employment Agreement

Hi...This is Aishwarya and I am back with another Vlog on Breaking Stereotype. This episode covers the topic of Employment Agreement. While entering into an employment Agreement, there are certain terms and conditions that one must read and understand. Failure to do so amounts to breach of contract. What are these terms and conditions. To... Continue Reading →

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