CONTEMPT OF COURT Contempt of court is the offense of being disobedient to or disrespectful towards a court of law. Being disrespectful to legal authorities in the courtroom, or willfully failing to obey a court order may attract Contempt of Court proceedings. A judge may impose sanctions such as a fine or jail for someone... Continue Reading →


Contempt of court is considered when a conduct disrespect or disregard or hinder or mess up with integrity of any party during serving law as officials or somehow working as judicial server. Civil Contempt It has been defined as intractable disobedience to any judgment, direction, order, write or other process of a court or wilful... Continue Reading →

Contempt Of Court Is A Special Jurisdiction To Be Exercised Sparingly And With Caution

Introduction When proceedings in contempt are taken for vilification of the judge, the question which the court has to ask is whether the vilification is of the judge as a judge or it is the vilification of the judge as an individual. If the vilification of the judge is as an individual, then he is... Continue Reading →

Contempt of Court

Contempt of court can be defined as the act of not obeying an order made by the court or showing a lack of respect to the judge or court. In simple words, contempt of court is disrespect to the court of law. A judge can levy sanctions or penalty to someone for being disobedience to... Continue Reading →

Contempt of court – 2

In part one we understood the meaning as well as types of the contempt of court now it becomes important to understand about other concept that will help us in understanding the contempt of court in more detail. Exceptions to contempt of courtIt is important to understand that in 2006 The Contempt of Courts Act... Continue Reading →

Contempt of court – 1

The term contempt is defined by Merriam Webster as lack of respect or reverence for something. So the term contempt of court in simple manner can be defined as an offence of being defiant or disrespectful to the court of law. Law relating to contempt of courtArticle 129 of The Constitution Of India talks about... Continue Reading →

Contempt of Court

Anything that curtails or impairs the freedom of limits of the judicial proceedings must of necessity result in hampering of the administration of Law and in interfering with the due course of justice. In India, under Section 2(a) of the Contempt of Courts Act of 1971 defines contempt of court as civil contempt or criminal... Continue Reading →

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