Why is there a demand for smaller states in India ?

Introduction Federalism in India has some remarkable differences from the classical models of federalism established in the countries like United States of America, Canada and Australia. One notable difference between India and other federations has been the power of the Union Parliament to recognise the internal map of the country by forming new states and... Continue Reading →

Healthcare – A fundamental right in India?

Fundamental Rights  Fundamental Rights in India cover a variety of topics such as equality, freedom, rights against exploitation, right to freedom of religion, cultural and educational rights and right to constitutional remedies. The right to privacy is a new right which is given to citizens as a measure to protect their data and personal security.... Continue Reading →

Constitutional Validity of 103rd Amendment, 2019 – part 3

CONSTITUTION VALIDITY CHALLENGE The legitimate test to the legitimacy if the 103rd amendment is a "fundamental structure challenge"."Certain auxiliary standards structure the centre or the substance of the Constitution and give it a specific Personality, for example, popularity based type of government, republican type of government, federalism, equity, opportunity, secularism, autonomy of the legal executive,... Continue Reading →

Judicial Activism

Judicial Activism means the Rulings of the Court based on political and personal rational and prudence of the Judges presiding over the issue. It is a legal term referring to Court Rulings based, in part or in full on the political or personal factors of the Judge, rather than current or existing legislation. According to... Continue Reading →

Constitutional Validity of 103rd Amendment ,2019 – part 2

PAST BASIC STRUCTURE CHALLENGES RELATED TO RESERVATION “In order to qualify as an essential feature, a principle is to be first established as part of the constitutional  law  and,  as  such,  binding  on  the  legislature.  Only  then,  it  can  be  examined whether it is so fundamental as to bind even the amending power of the... Continue Reading →

Inspirational Women – Hansa Jivraj Mehta

The Eight Inspirational Woman that we have today is Hansa Jivraj Mehta was a reformist, social activist, educator, independence activist, feminist and writer from India. She graduated with Philosophy in 1918. She studied journalism and sociology in England. In 1918, she met Sarojini Naidu and later Mahatma Gandhi in 1922. She was married to Jivraj Narayan Mehta, an eminent physician and administrator. Hansa Mehta... Continue Reading →

Seperation of Powers 2

        ESSENTIALS FEATURES OF THE THEORY OF SEPARATION OF POWERS- a)    It aims at achieving individual liberty b)    It is a safeguard against despotism ( a country or political system where the ruler hold absolute power) c)     Its basic principle that concentration of powers leads to dictatorship is true d)    The separation of powers saves... Continue Reading →

Constitution of India – 1

CONSTITUTION OF INDIA DEFINITION- Constitution of India is the fundamental law of the land and it is important to state that all other laws in India derive there from the Constitution of India. Hence it means that if the law is violative of any of the principles of the Constitution then in that case, that... Continue Reading →

Constitutionalism – 2

 4)  Rule of Law- Rule of Law, in the ordinary sense would refer to the supremacy of law.          Individuals working in a State Machinery or for that matter, citizens of a particular region are all subjected to that law of that particular country which would further imply that the government officials shall dispense their official... Continue Reading →

Rule of Law

The term Rule of Law means that the state is governed by the law and all the other institutions to run the state come under the law. The concept of Rule of Law is as old as the existence of state. Many western as well as Indian thinkers explained it in their theories. Plato and... Continue Reading →

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