Reservation – understanding past, present and solution – part 3

Reservation should be simply made based on the practical states of the candidate and that's it. The sorts of reservation strategy that our administration right now follows never really partition the general public into various segments. At the point when the then HRD serve Mr. Arjun Singh presented 27.5% booking for OBC in halfway subsidized... Continue Reading →

Effect of Reservation strategy in decreasing standing dispairity – part 3

Discourages the other class individuals- The greatest hindrance of reservation framework is that it offers reservation to individuals in serious tests or government work passages based on standing and not on legitimacy. This unsettles the individuals from general class as they couldn't get the seats in their fantasy schools or Jobs disregarding hard work. What... Continue Reading →

Do we need to relook our caste reservation system ?

Our Constitution guarantees value and reasonableness of opportunity to each one thus it transforms into a commitment of state to take an action to achieve this goal. Constitution additionally perceives that equivalent open door implies rivalry among rises to and not unequal. The constitution makers saw the uniqueness in our social system and battled that... Continue Reading →

Definition of Industry 2

Further clearness in the meaning of industry was articulated on account of Physical Research Laboratory case in which it was held that an examination foundation, of the Government office, was not an industry in spite of the fact that it did precise exercises with the assistance of representatives however didn't create or circulate administrations to... Continue Reading →

Globalisation and its impact on Professionals

Professionals Allies of globalization contend that it can possibly make this world a superior spot to live in and fathom a portion of the profound situated issues like joblessness and destitution. 1. Streamlined commerce should lessen obstructions, for example, levies, esteem added assessments, endowments, and different boundaries between countries. This isn't correct. There are as... Continue Reading →


INDEPENDENCE OF JUDICIARY: COMPARITIVE ANALYSIS (Part-1) JUDICIAL REVIEW  In many countries with written constitution, there prevails the doctrine of Judicial Review. It means that constitution is the Supreme law of the land and any law in consistent with it is void the courts perform the side of expounding the provisions of the constitution and exercise... Continue Reading →

103rd Constitutional Amendment,2019 – Part 5

Conclusion The arrangement of reservation isn't totally founded on casteism and subsequently partitions the general public prompting separation and clashes between various classes. It is the opposite of a shared living. Changes in reservation framework is the need of great importance. The booking framework has generally prompted a contention between the held and the open... Continue Reading →

103rd Constitutional Amendment, 2019 – Part 4

1.1   Similar past instances The Government of India gave an official request in September 1991 saving 10 percent of the opening in common posts and administrations for other "financially in reverse segments of the individuals who are not secured by any of the plans of reservation". "This was done to pacify the unsettling upper ranks... Continue Reading →

Inspirational Woman – Annie Mascarene

The 18th Inspirational Woman that we have today is Annie Mascarene. Annie was an India Freedom Fighter, a Member for Parliament and a member of the Constitutent Committee of the Constitution of India. She attended the Maharaja's College Travancore earning double MA in history and economics in 1925. She went on to earn a degree... Continue Reading →

Constitutional Validity of 103rd Amendment, 2019 – part 3

CONSTITUTION VALIDITY CHALLENGE The legitimate test to the legitimacy if the 103rd amendment is a "fundamental structure challenge"."Certain auxiliary standards structure the centre or the substance of the Constitution and give it a specific Personality, for example, popularity based type of government, republican type of government, federalism, equity, opportunity, secularism, autonomy of the legal executive,... Continue Reading →

Judicial Activism

Judicial Activism means the Rulings of the Court based on political and personal rational and prudence of the Judges presiding over the issue. It is a legal term referring to Court Rulings based, in part or in full on the political or personal factors of the Judge, rather than current or existing legislation. According to... Continue Reading →

Freedom of Speech – 9

This again takes into account an ill defined situation where it is surrendered essentially to the emotional assessment of the Executive to choose whether a demonstration represents a danger to public request or not. This 'demonstration' might just be deciphered as the discourse and articulation of an individual or company. Accordingly, Section 144 may wind... Continue Reading →

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