How Money can buy time

I recently came across this post on Linkedin. Even though I hate to admit it, could not have agreed more with the author. Hereunder is the tweet that was made by Shailaja Patel. It is true that we all have 24 hours in a day and it also depends on how we maximise the same... Continue Reading →

Corruption 5

Can Corruption Be Conceptualized as a Human Rights Violation?       Corruption is anything but a specialized term; it is commonly not thought about a criminal offense in criminal codes the world over, and it additionally doesn't have a lawful definition in worldwide settlements. The most well-known definition is the one by the non-legislative association (NGO)... Continue Reading →

How to stop Brain Drain in Developing Countries – 5

Foundation:- Cerebrum Drain implies getting comfortable unfamiliar nation. It tends to be essentially characterized as the mass resettlement of actually talented individuals starting with one nation then onto the next nation. Mind Drain is happening a result of absence of chances or absence of offices for down to earth schooling in advanced education in their... Continue Reading →

How to stop Brain Drain in Developing Countries – 3

Changing Over Brain Drain Into Wisdom Gain Non-industrial nations, particularly South Asia, are presently the principle wellspring of medical services movement to created nations. This pattern has prompted worries that the outpouring of medical services experts is unfavourably influencing the medical care framework in non-industrial nations and, thus, the strength of the populace. Subsequently, chiefs... Continue Reading →

Anti Defection Law – 1

The Anti-Defection Law is installed in the tenth Schedule of the Indian Constitution. It was brought into power by the 52nd Constitutional change Act in 1985. The Anti-Defection Law was passed by Parliament in light of the fact that, in the first year, the Parliament had seen numerous surrenders. The expression Ayaram-Gayaram got mainstream when... Continue Reading →

Inspirational Woman – Sucheta Kriplani

The sixteen Inspirational Woman that we have tomorrow is Sucheta Kriplani. She was an Indian Politician and Freedom Fighter. She was also the First Woman Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. She was not born with a steely will and exemplary leadership qualities. Rather, she was a shy child, self-conscious about her appearance and intellect, as... Continue Reading →

Freedom of Expression Vs. Comedy

There is often a statement made by people in the media, that our Country lacks Freedom of Expression. Stand up Comedy is a trend that picked up pace in the last few years. Open Mics, Live Performances and YouTube, were at its peak in the last few years. Comedy, was always a part of our... Continue Reading →

Inspirational Women – Malati Choudhary

The eleventh Inspirational Woman that we have today with us is Malati Choudhary. Malati Devi Choudhury  was an Indian civil rights and freedom fighter. Malati’s family originally belonged to Kamarakhanda in Bikrampur, Dhaka, (now in Bangladesh), but her family members had settled in Simultala, Bihar. Her maternal grandfather was Behari Lal Gupta, ICS, who became the Dewan of Baroda. Her... Continue Reading →

Inspirational Women – Leela Roy

Leela Roy , was a feminist Indian politician and reformer, and a close associate of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. She fought with university authorities and became the first woman to be admitted to the University of Dhaka and earned her M.A. degree. Co-education was not permitted in Dhaka University. The then Vice Chancellor Philip Hartog gave a special permission for her admission. he... Continue Reading →

Inspirational Women – Hansa Jivraj Mehta

The Eight Inspirational Woman that we have today is Hansa Jivraj Mehta was a reformist, social activist, educator, independence activist, feminist and writer from India. She graduated with Philosophy in 1918. She studied journalism and sociology in England. In 1918, she met Sarojini Naidu and later Mahatma Gandhi in 1922. She was married to Jivraj Narayan Mehta, an eminent physician and administrator. Hansa Mehta... Continue Reading →

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