How Children are the most effected during this Pandemic

The Pandemic has been tough on all of us. Those tiny tots have had to face so much physically and mentally without them even knowing, why it is happeneing to them. With schools being shut down since the month of March, Children are at home indefinetely. Yes, it is true that they are safe at... Continue Reading →

Not having children post marriage is a choice

Off Late,I have come across a lot of couples, who have mutually decided on not having children. I have a few friends  who are  in their 30's, single and are fully convinced that even if they find someone, and they get married in near future, they would not have children. I know a few couples,... Continue Reading →

How to educate your child about Sex

The recent news of a 5 year old child raping another child of nearly same age, has shocked the world. Could this even be for real is the first question that arose in everyone's mind ? What exactly  must have transpired that teenage pregnancy and the amount  of illegal abortions are increasing in our country... Continue Reading →

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