Why reading of books is important ?

In order to understand the importance of reading books we need to realize one crucial factor that like the body our brain also does need workout it help one to see things from different perspective and have their own imagination, but through this reading exercise I’m not taking about the sort of reading that one... Continue Reading →


Internship Internship Opportunity for Students and Women who want to return back after Career Break Internship will be online. Flexible Working Hours. Skill Set:- The candidate should have flair for creative writing. Internship duration: 3 Months Qualification:- Freshers Post Graduates/ Graduates. Under grads with experience can apply too. Women Returning from Career Break Can also... Continue Reading →

How to do Background Verification of a Company Before Accepting Job Offer.

Job Changing is a procedure that on an average we throught atleast once in 5-7 years. Sometimes, it is important to switch your jobs so that you can grow as a professional. Just like a how a Company does background verification on an individual, it is important that you do a background verification of the... Continue Reading →

Basics of Writing a Professional Email

With most of us still working from home, emails have been our major mode of communication. Though these days we have started using slangs for emails, we end up messing, when we need to send professional emails. Remember in corporate lives, emails play a major role. They can sometimes make or break your career. Always... Continue Reading →

Being a Solopreneur

While the difference between Solopreneur and Enterpreneur is a very narrow. The similarity between both is that they both have started up their own busines or services. These days a lot of youngsters are starting their own start up but with a new start up comes in new set of challlenges. Being a Solopreneur means... Continue Reading →

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