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How I read people like books

If given a choice between spending time between people and books. I would always select books at any given point of time. Probably that explains my clumsy social behavior and why I cannot socialise even today. Leave me in a sea of people and I will still find myself lonely but give me a book… Continue reading How I read people like books

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Education Mafia – Extortion

(This article is a series of Educational Mafia, which talks about the tough educational circumstances in India) Education these days, is an expensive affair in India. School fees are on steady rise and keep increasing day by day. Schools never leave an opportunity to charge their students hefty amount on the basis of different reasons.… Continue reading Education Mafia – Extortion

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My Hangover – #TheBookBlogTrain

The moment you see the title of this Blog, I am sure, all of you would be looking out for words such as alcohol and how to nurse a hangover. Sorry to mislead you, but this is about the hangover, that I had after reading. I developed a habit of reading at an early age… Continue reading My Hangover – #TheBookBlogTrain