Digital and Non Digital Parenting, striking the right balance.

The children who grew up in the 80's and 90's are now parents of either toddlers or teenagers. When we were growing up, which was just a few minutes ago, we grew up in a non digital world. We were more dependent on books than internet. Digital medium was something sort of luxury for us... Continue Reading →

When she arrived….

9 months of a bumpy ride finally came to an end on April 27,2019. My second pregnancy was no less than a surprise as with bad pcod my previous gynaecologist had almost suggested IVF. But sometimes, destiny overtakes science and blesses you with miracles. Last September, when I came to my maiden house for Ganesh... Continue Reading →

Keeping your baby’s Skin Soft

Mumbai has humid climate. Combine it with dust and pollution; it is the worst thing that could happen with your skin and health. The dust in the air is so bad that sometimes, when you wear a nice white shirt and go outside, you may come back with a different shade of white. Children are... Continue Reading →

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