Death Penalty 2

Abrogation of Mandatory Death Penalty As investigated in the Bachan Singh's case, capital punishment must be granted in the most extraordinary of uncommon case, subsequently the Constitutional legitimacy of compulsory capital punishment to the detainee for homicide while serving life detainment for another situation as recommended by Section 303 of IPC, 1860 (presently stands revoked)... Continue Reading →

How to Deal with International Terrorism – Part 2

Step by step instructions to Deal with International Terrorism  Measures during a progressing psychological oppressor assault could prompt unnecessary and possibly—under awful conditions—unavoidable changes of the legitimate structure; ex-post sanctioning may subvert trust. One should know, in any case, that there are different choices past lawful institutional change which may help decreasing the fear monger... Continue Reading →

Democracy in present scenario 8

The Future of Indian Democracy For a nation with an extremely long past, numerous in India presently appear to be unflinchingly engaged, when they are not devoured by the requests of day by day living, on what's to come. To be sure, one of the numerous reasons why the BJP and their partners may have... Continue Reading →

Democracy in present scenario 7

This August India commends 73 years as an autonomous country. During these times of autonomy, the nation has been run fairly (beside the 21 months of the scandalous Emergency from 1975 to 1977). Except for Costa Rica, no other non-industrial nation has appreciated as long a vote based run since World War II. Furthermore, on... Continue Reading →

Democracy in present scenario 6

Liberal opportunity and Deliberation in India, 2004 – 2017 The liberal section file (LCI) "stresses the significance of securing individual and minority rights against the oppression of the state and the oppression of the greater part". It does as such by zeroing in on "naturally secured common freedoms, solid standard of law, an autonomous legal... Continue Reading →

Democracy in present scenario 5

The decline of democracy in India To comprehend the heading where India's vote based system is moving, we can utilize remarkable information gathered from the Varieties of Democracy venture. The undertaking is one of the world's biggest consolidated endeavours to gather and distribute nation level information on fair execution. In the yearly report 2018, the... Continue Reading →

Cyberbullying 1

Introduction     Internet, as we probably aware, is a twofold edged blade, where the clients are persistently adjusting between the dangers and openings it offers. It is not, at this point simply a platitude: we truly are completely associated, every minute of every day, regardless of where on the planet, we are simple a single... Continue Reading →

Balancing Life – Devrupa Bhattacharya

Candidate 04: - Devarupa Bhattacharyya, 22, Law Student based out of Guwhati, Assam  What is your official working hour? And how many days do you work? I am a student and haven’t start working yet. As a student I used to read 6 to 7 hours continuously in a day when it’s holidays. But in... Continue Reading →

Protesting is a right, violence will have consequences

The Indian Constitution 's history is shaped by its struggle for independence, in which the seeds of a public political domain and a democratic Constitution were sown. The Indians struggled hard and long to voice their opinions on colonial policies and laws openly, to disagree with them, to shape their minds and form public opinion... Continue Reading →

Coffee… From Orphanage to Stage

She had lived in an orphanage ever since she recalled. She does not have a name but everyone addresses her as Coffee because that is what she used to do. Serve coffee to all the visitors. Every day she would see couples walking in and out of the Head's room. It was her duty to... Continue Reading →

Today’s Cartoon

This post has been written for the Alphabet C as a prompt for #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge. I chose to write about Cartoons, which are an integral part of our Television. Well having a toddler at home means, you are forced to watch the channel that they want to watch (though the same rule barely applies to... Continue Reading →

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