Social Issues

There are some issues, which have always affected me. One of the best ways to express my opinions is to share them on a platform and discuss them with peers instead of discussing it and forgetting about it. Writing about issues also helps me put down my opinion and ideas with the world. So I have written about Social Issues on Different platforms and have also made videos about the same on my Youtube channel. To give you a glimpse about the same, hereunder are a few articles:-

1. What pushes people to commit suicide? There are different reasons why people often feel that suicide is the best way to end their problems. The primary reason being lack of importance given to mental health. When we talk about depression or about being sad, we are often ignored. Read the complete article here:

2. India Will remain regressive until we debunk these absurd homophobic myths: A person who belongs to the LGBTQ community is a person as normal as you and me. Then why are we separating the LGBTQ community from ourselves and criminalizing them? A petition will be heard before the Supreme Court in a couple of days with respect to the abolishing of Section 377, but can law be implemented in our society if the society itself is not ready to come out of its ‘phobia’? Our idea of ‘gay’ and ‘lesbian’ is limited to ‘feminine men’ and ‘manly women’ (courtesy: Bollywood). Click Here to read the complete article:

3. My Experience as a 5 Year old during the 1992 Riots: I was a 5-year-old happy-go-lucky, who stayed with her grandparents, parents and a younger brother. One fine day, I realised that things are definitely not as normal as they used to be. For the first time in my life, I heard the words Babri Masjid, Ayodhya temple, riots, curfew. Click here to read the complete article:

4. 6 Reasons Why we are always stuck in traffic and how we can fix it:
One of the reasons why we never reach on time for our commitments is heavy traffic on our roads. For a journey of approximately 4 km, sometimes we end up spending about 45 minutes to an hour on the road, whereas the ideal time required should not be more than 20 minutes.So what exactly are the reasons for the extra time we spend on roads waiting rather than using that time to do something productive? Click here to read the complete article:

5. Why Child Sex Abuse is on rise these days: A single day does not go when you don’t come across an article about Child Sex Abuse in the news, while we end up playing the blame game every time something as tragic as this happens. As a lawyer with a decent amount of experience in the field of law and judiciary, here are a few reasons as per me, on why the Child Sex Abuse is on steep rise.Click Here to read the complete article:

6. Some Unusual fathers in our society: A Mother and Father with their Children make a complete Family. The Concept of Single Fathers was something that was unheard of until a few years ago. While earlier,the men who were either Widowers or Divorcee with children would immediately be married off by the families because looking after children was not a Father’s job. Click Here to read the complete article:

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