People I Admire

Having dreams is something that is natural, but dreams are something that are never given wings;

Even before you share your dreams with someone the society clips them off. There are some stereotypes in our societies, which have existed way before us and are still in existence and may be our future generations will also have to face these stereotypes.

I have always tried my level best to break the stereotypes, sometimes I have been successful, sometimes not. I have always believed that we just get one lifetime and in this one lifetime we should try and fulfil all our dreams. I do not want to be old and frail at 75 and tell my grand children that I wanted to do this but could not do it because of whatever reason. Instead I want to tell them, what I want to do and how I did it.

There are a few people about whom, I read, met, interacted or someone whom I have known for ages, some whom I have just met digitally but inspired  me in a few minutes.

I am sure in this journey, there would have been a few stereotypes, that they would definitely have broken and have had their own share of challenges in breaking those stereotypes.Here is my journey, with the people whom I admire for breaking the stereotypes and inspiring me….