Being a mother, was a wish that I always carried deep inside my heart. I was unsure how good a mother I could be, but with constant support from the entire family and especially two most special people, i.e. my Better Half and my Son.This Journey has been very smooth.

I always wanted to cherish my motherhood and what best way than to pen it down. I have written down for a few parenting websites, such as momspresso, allaboutkiids, buddingstar and tinystep to name a few. You can find them under the category of parenting on this website

Hereunder are the briefs of a few of my parenting blogs.

  1. When I relived life again- My child birth story

    There are a few moments in our lives, Which we cannot express even with words.We do not remember how it feels to be born, That is the reason we relive the moment we were born, when we become mothers. “It is an age old saying that a Child gives birth to a Mother” and it is indeed true. Read the complete article here:

  2. The most beautiful Journey of my Life –   Sometimes it is not the journey but it is the companion who makes your journey the most memorable. One of such journey was my 9 months with my Son and my better half. While during our pregnancy we tend to always be surrounded by thoughts about our unborn tiny tot we sometimes tend to ignore the most important person in our lives i.e. our better halves without whom this journey wouldn’t have been so smooth. Read the complete article hereunder:-
  3. How to teach your kid to share – During the earlier days, India had a joint family system, every family had about 10 to 12 children growing up together, but these days with the nuclear family system, families barely have a kid with them. Many couples these days, are opting to have a single child or to not have children at all due to various restrictions such as lack of support at home, financial expenses or just because they simply want to lead their own independent lives.  Read the complete article here:
  4. One skill set our Education System is lacking – But have you noticed one thing recently? The rate of suicide among children is increasing, the number of school children falling prey to drugs and substance abuse is increasing, cases of sexual abuse amongst school children is at an all-time high. Any idea what is the main reason behind all this? Many times, if we look at the background of the predators, we often find that they are frustrated because of a recent failure or they fear failure. Yes, because our children do not know how to handle failure, our children may end up in taking the wrong path. Read the complete article here:
  5. Are you taking care of your child’s mental health– In our obsession to be the best we often forget that our tender children need to cherish their childhood. Just like us, even when they have grown up, they need some sweet and relaxing memories and not stressful memories of running around from one class to another. Here are few tips on how you can take care of your child’s mental health during his growing years. Read the Complete Article here:
  6. 5 Things to Know before Adopting a Child – These days many urban couples opt for Adoption than having children naturally. While the reasons may vary from Infertility of either partner due to stress or late marriage or it may be just their choice. While Adoption is a step towards parenthood, here are a few things that you need to understand before opting for adoption. Read the Complete Article here:–xyz
  7. How to avoid Diaper Rash:-Using Diapers for your children is an individual’s choice, I had been using Diapers for my son since he was 2 weeks old. I started by using the Johnson’s baby diaper pads in his cloth nappy only while sleeping at night. Using diapers at night ensured that his sleep was not disturbed and we both slept peacefully for about 7 to 8 hours straight except waking up for milk in between. This post talks about how to avoid Diaper Rash. Read the Complete Article:
  8. How to select the Right Gynaecologist:- A Gynaecologist is a special person in an expectant mother’s life. The reason being you simply need to be comfortable with your Gynaecologist as much as your family member. The skills of your Gynaecologist can make your pregnancy a smooth journey. This post describe few points that one should keep in mind to how to select the right Gynaecologist. Read the complete Article:-

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