I – Ignorance is a bliss

If you have the super power to ignore the society, Trust me , You are on the right path to sucess A lot of times ignoring what people say, can be a bliss. There is one simple formula that I follow. I listen to the whole world but I follow my heart. Yes. Sometimes, by... Continue Reading →

strategy to attract investors – Make in India – 3

Strategies to Encourage Investors To support unfamiliar and financial specialists from India itself, the Indian government has built up certain particular arrangements for every area as follows, under the Make in India crusade: Car and Automobile Components Unfamiliar value speculation up to 100% will get programmed endorsement with no base venture standards.Assembling and imports are... Continue Reading →

Strategies to attract Investors – Make in India – 4

Mining There has been a new change to the MMDR Act, which oversees the mineral area This revision got more prominent straightforwardness by affirming closeout to be sole strategy for award of significant mineral concessions and acquiring considered expansion of mining leases. Public Mineral Exploration strategy, 2016 has additionally been reported in July, 2016. Oil... Continue Reading →

H – Do not Forget your Hobby

A Hobby is our Constant Companion. No matter how much we grow up. There will be a hobby that we would all like to cherish and pursue. How many times, have we told our friends and peers that as a child we liked doing drawing or painting but today as adults, we are unable to... Continue Reading →

Law related to Renvoi

Law, What Does It Mean? In an illustrative structure whenever clarified, what is implied by 'law' when a reference is made to unfamiliar law; for instance, does a reference to 'Indian law' signifies Indian inward law, or the entire of Indian law, including its contention of laws rules? The word 'law' is uncertain and various... Continue Reading →

Make in India – 2

It has been estimated that India is the 'following China', which will be conceivable inside 10 years or thereabouts, if not today. Nonetheless, if this turns out to be valid concerning extension and development, India is by all accounts a totally different nation through and through whenever contrasted with China based on vote based system,... Continue Reading →

G- Handling the Guilt Factor – #BlogchatterA2Z2021

Guilt is a feeling that always follows us. It is an involuntary emotion. No matter how much we try and avoid it, it is always a part of us. If we do not have guilt in our heart. The Society will ensure that it makes us feel guilty suffiently. Mother's Guilt is the most challenging... Continue Reading →

Doctrine of Renvoi ?

Which means of the Renvoi? The Doctrine of Renvoi is the cycle by which the Court receives the principles of an unfamiliar locale concerning any contention of laws that emerges. The thought behind this tenet is to forestall gathering shopping and a similar law is applied to accomplish a similar result paying little heed to... Continue Reading →

Make In India – Part 1

Stand by a moment, in the event that you thought this article will talk about Make in India Policy, at that point yes that stays to be my plan, so please stay with me. In any case, before I go into that, let us comprehend the background against which this whole issue bears pertinence. Today... Continue Reading →

Law against Willful defaulters – 2

Organizations Act, 2013 – Section 447 and 448 would be relevant concerning wilful defaulters. S. 447 discussions about somebody being seen as liable of misrepresentation, will be culpable with detainment of a half year which can reach out as long as ten years, or with a fine of sum multiple times more than the engaged... Continue Reading →

F- Follow your Heart

Sometimes, it is important that we listen to our hearts. Sometimes, it is important that we ignore logic. We women are often taught right from our childhood, that we are not permitted to dream. We are often told that it is our duty to serve our family members and only then we can be happy... Continue Reading →

Problem of Renovi 3

The case-law, at that point, as it stands to-day, outside of England and the United States, offers backing to the teaching that unfamiliar law implies the law in its entirety just in the cases in which the lex domicilii and the lex patria collide and the appointed authority is accordingly empowered to apply his own... Continue Reading →

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