MEANING OF MORTGAGE Mortgage is an agreement of transaction between a borrower and a lender where lender provides loan to the borrower against the security on an immovable property on a condition that in case of failure of repayment of the barrowed money including the interest if any the lender is entitled to take the... Continue Reading →


An easement is the right of a property owner to compel the owner of another property to allow or refrain from doing something on a secondary element for the benefit of the dominant tenement. For example - right of way, right of light, right of air etc.A right in rem is almost like a privilege,... Continue Reading →


IntroductionThe term "mortgage" is derived from a French phrase that was used in medieval Britain and meant "death pledge," which refers to a pledge that expires (dies) when the debt is paid off or the property is seized through foreclosure. From 1190 onward, the concept of a mortgage originated in England and spread throughout the... Continue Reading →


IntroductionA gift deed is a legal document that is used when someone wants to give their money or property to someone else. A gift of property may be made in the name of any person who is alive at the time the gift is made. During the donor's lifetime, the donee or anyone else on... Continue Reading →


Introduction:A geographical indication (GI) is a tag given on products having a definite geographical origin andpossesses such qualities the qualities, characteristics or reputation due to their origin. A sign must bevalidated in order to identify a product as a GI. Protection for a geographical indication is usuallyguaranteed by acquiring a right over the sign that... Continue Reading →


Introduction:Geographical Indication (GI) is a tag given on products having a specified geographic origin and itpossesses certain features which signify that the product is indigenous in nature. The statute thatgoverns this domain is Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999which ensures protection of the traditional culture and provides benefits to the artisans, weaversand... Continue Reading →

Fraudulent Transfer Of Property

Meaning The illegal transfer of property made with fraudulent intention to restrict and defeat the interest of the creditor or any subsequent transferee shall be voidable at the option of such creditor or transferee and such a transfer shall be viewed negatively on the grounds of equity and justice. This transfer is called ‘fraudulent transfer... Continue Reading →


A crime is defined as the commission of an act that is prohibited by law, or an omission of an act that is obligated by the law. In other words, crime may be defined as the disobedience of law. Another important aspect of a crime is that it affects the public interest, rather than the... Continue Reading →

Effect of intoxication on a crime

Introduction Intoxication is a condition where an individual's psychological and actual state is evil because of the utilization of liquor or an opiate substance. It is normally known as condition inebriated. In this condition of inebriation, the individual can't figure out whether what the person in question is doing is correct or wrong and he... Continue Reading →

Mortgage of Property

PROPERTY Property is commonly described as a person's rights in relation to an object. Legal theorists have struggled with this term for a very long time. The same definitional issue also arises in non-Western societies. For instance, the word "property" can indicate several different things in Russian. It is sometimes used as a substitute for... Continue Reading →

Consent: the judicial fate of crime and punishment

Introduction Under criminal regulation, the term assent is a functioning articulation of 'goal'. The wrongdoing has two fundamentals: actus rea and mens rea. Actus implies a demonstration done by the transgressor, while mens rea implies the expectation of doing that specific demonstration. An individual will be criminally responsible for every one of the demonstrations that... Continue Reading →


Introduction  From the ages, We have seen various crimes against women but one of the most common crime which has been seen on the name of marriage is dowry death. We have seen people calling it has a tradition or a custom  in which bride’s family gives valuable item to groom’s family. People also have... Continue Reading →

NOC for transfer of Properties from Legal Heirs

NOC for transfer of Properties from Legal Heirs A NOC is a document that states certain information about a property and is issued by government bodies, local governments, banks, and even individuals. In real estate deals, a NOC serves as confirmation that the NOC provider would not face any legal issues if the transaction goes... Continue Reading →

Group Liability under section 34 and section 149 of the IPC

Introduction It alludes to the risk of at least two people for an offense. Where at least two people are taken part in the commission of an offense, assuming any of them or more done a demonstration which is precluded by regulation, for the advantage of every one of them, every individual connected with will... Continue Reading →


IntroductionWhen two or more people, such as a husband and wife, business partners, friends, or family members, hold title to the same property, this is referred to as co-ownership or joint ownership. All of the owners of a property are considered its co-owners. Any co-owner may transfer his or her personal interest in such property... Continue Reading →

Slum Rehabilitation Scheme

Why do people migrate to slums? Cities have experienced rapid population growth in recent years. India, one of the nations with the highest economic growth, is home to numerous major cities, including Pune, Delhi, Bombay, etc. For those who live in villages, cities are the main draw. Because there are few resources in cities, the... Continue Reading →

Application of Mens Reus in Strict liability cases and Socio-Economic offenses

Introduction Socio-economic offenses are those that affect the social and monetary prosperity of society. These are non-traditional wrongdoings as in they need mens rea. These wrongdoings have a cultural effect. It doesn't focus on a solitary individual, yet rather on a gathering who is probably going to buy such labor and products. Financial violations are... Continue Reading →

Process of Land Acquisition in India

Introduction In India, stalled developments are a major challenge for the real estate sector. Numerous factors, including land conflicts, have contributed to the stalling of thousands of infrastructure investment projects, but their importance has been grossly underrated. A real estate project's initial stage is land acquisition, and when the process of confirming the title and... Continue Reading →

Power of Police to seize any property during investigation

Is it not scary that police having power to seize any property during an investigation. It will create chaos in mind that police will seize any property whether movable or immovable. So to make this clear the conception let’s look into the concept.  The term seize under section 102 means to take actual physical custody/control... Continue Reading →


INTRODUCTION Joint ownership, also known as Co-ownership, All co-owners are property owners. When property belongs to more than one person, this is called joint ownership. In the case of Coparcenary, male members and daughters share a common equal interest in ancestral property. Any co-owner can transfer their stake to a stranger or other co-owner, and... Continue Reading →

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