Movies I Love

When you take 3 days to watch a 3 hour movie, you are a parent. I do not remember when was the last time I went to a Theatre and peacefully watched a movie. But since the presence of YouTube, Amazon Prime and Hotstar, it is now possible to watch the movies that I missed out earlier.

I am not a huge fan of movies or a film buff. Understanding Cinema was a part of the syllabus during my undergraduate studies, but I love movies for time pass. So how do I select a movie, which I will watch at a theatre, it usually depends on if I have sometime to spare, that is the only condition.

But offlate, I have found a new way to entertain myself and that has introduced me to better movies. So this is the column about my favourite movies that  I watched on the internet. These are not your mainstream Commercial Cinemas with A listers, but just some of the movies that  I saw and enjoyed. Happy Reading. Please do have a look at the movies and do watch them and let me know your inputs on the same.

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