It takes a village to raise a child.

How often have we heard about this quote. Yet our society has put the responsibility of raising the child only on the mother.

The idea behind this website is to cover all the aspects of parenting for a millennial mom. Quiet often we are judged for our choices, without even having an opportunity to share our own reasons for the same.

Being a Lawyer, we were always told that truth always has two sides. One side is what your client tells you and the other side is what he does not tell you.

Similarly, even parenting has two sides. One, wherein we as parents do certain things for our children for their benefit. The other side, wherein children expect certain things from us as parents. Therefore, parenting is like walking on a tight rope.

I have tried my level best to cover up maximum issues or topics which would come under the umbrella of parenting. I may have forgotten or missed out certain points.

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  1. Had very good knowledge for me being as new patent. It’s really very sentimental and every parents should read this..
    I definitely share to all my friends.

    Keep Rocking##


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